Mad plans and schemes

Ok, it’s true I have come home with yet another major project, but it has to be said that this one is pretty exciting. Shakti has climbed on board and it is agreed that we will clip ourselves into our pedals and set off for a grand cycling tour around Europe, just as soon as I finish my PhD.

I need to get myself a little countdown timer to work on the website, but as I write this in Sept 2004, I imagine we will have about 2.5 years to get planning.

It could easily take this long, we have a lot to do. We need to improve our fitness and lose weight if we aren’t to flake out over the Pyrennees and then we need to get ourselves kitted out with nice new touring bikes. Routes need to be considered, although I like the idea of playing it by ear as far as possible and what about travel visas? I realise this shouldn’t be a problem for Europe but who knows, if we can find a way to fund this adventure, why would we stop with Europe? I haven’t got Shakti to agree to this extension yet – so lets hope she doesn’t read the site. In the meantime if you fancy keeping us out of the country for a bit longer why not help us on the funding front anf take a look at our very own web store.

Anyway, whether its a year or decade on the road, there isn’t much point me paying for storage of all my books and general trammel so I need to start decluttering again – blimey, blimey its getting stressful already.

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