Day 1: Unpacking the Polar S725

A good day was heralded by the arrival of a new toy – the Polar S725 heart rate monitor cum cycle wonder computer. One of my more unnecessary purchases to date but surely it ranks amongst the most exciting.
I’ve read a few reviews that suggest the polar S725 and S720 are rather traumatic to install especially if you go for the optional/vital IR interface connection. I wasn’t in the least worried – bravado in the face of technical gadgetry is one of my strong points.
Bravado is all it is though – I was practically crying by the end of the night as no amount of button pressing or cursing was going to make the monitor communicate with my computer.

The trick I eventually discovered was to angle the watch at about 45 degrees with its little obscure window practically touching the front of the IR port. I had been spinning the watch around desperately trying to find the right angle as I couldn’t find its infra red window – its on the top of the watch.

So the connection process involves telling the computer via the precision software that it communicates via USB (in my case), pressing the lower right button of the watch so that it reads CONNECT, hold the watch ridiculously close to the IR thingy and then press the connection icon on the precision software tool bar.

Bob’s your uncle – the flashy light should stay constant and make contact withyour monitor. You can now transfer settings and files two and forth.

Few! Now I have to fathom out how I record a session so that I can use it on my commute to work.

2 thoughts on “Day 1: Unpacking the Polar S725

  1. aj

    THIS is fantastic… you crack me up. which means i am now going to have to read all of your archives.

    what’s especially grand about the situation is i get to learn all sorts of new slang. like.. “bob’s your uncle”.

    i am SO using that.. next chance i get!

  2. warriorwoman Post author

    Great, I will look out for it in your future posts. The sentence can be extended to “Bobs your Uncle, Fanny’s your Aunt” but thats usually harder to slip in.

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