Ultimate Control Diet

I feel fit and full of energy but when it comes to weight loss I am always disappointed by the hit and miss nature of it all. Sometimes I lose weight and other times I seem to sit on a plateau.

I would like to take all the guess work out of my diet so that when I sit and wonder whether to have that extra packet of nuts I know exactly whether it will tip me over the balance and scupper my weight loss plans for this week.

When you exercise loads it is so easy to think you deserve a little treat and it must be that little treat that makes all the flippin difference.

To counteract this I have devised a spreadsheet based on the calorie intake required to maintain a sedentary person of my weight and knocked a few calculations in to take account of my exercise and required weight loss. It spits out the answer to live the universe and everything in the form of a very small number of calories that I am allowed to consume for the day.

I’ll keep you updated, if my maths is accurate I should be wather thin in months.