Possible Solution to Speed and Cadence Issues

I still have the ongoing problem with the intermittent response from both the speed and the cadence sensor. As my new bike is turning up next week I need to get it sorted out as a matter of urgency.
I don’t want anything to get in the way of some serious training so I have done a bit of research and it looks like this might be a useful tip.

To increase the transmission range on the S510/S520/S710/S710i/S720 s-series speed/cadence sensors only:
– Remove sensor from the bike.
– Undo 2 small screws holding the two halves of the sensor together with a small philips screwdriver.
– Carefully remove one section of the housing (end with cable ties).
– Carefully slide the exposed printed circuit board a little way out.
– Remove the jumper plug from the inner most pin and insert it over the two pins closest to the edge of the circuit board. This will give the maximum range. Shorting out the inner two pins with the jumper plug gives the medium range.
– Re-assemble carefully in the reverse order.
– Becareful not to over-tighten the two screws which can either distort or crack the case leaving the unit not water resistant.
– Further information can be found on Page G82 of the S510 user’s manual or Page G90 of the S710i/S720i user’s manual.

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