Airnimal Rides Again

Four days and Peryl hardly got a ride in, my excuse is that I’ve been ill and in truth I’ve felt just a little intimidated by her.

Still, thats all changed now. I replaced the seat and we headed for the hills yesterday, or at least we went to Richmond Park.

Blimey, blimey that bike can move. I went down one of the hills at such a pace I nearly wet myself. Can’t tell what speed I was actually going as I had set the wrong wheelsize into the computer! Must have been 60mph at least!

Today i went into work and set a time of 37mins which is really pretty good for me, now if I could remove the traffic lights I might really be able to set some records.

All in all I am pretty happy with Peryl the Airnimal Chameleon, I’ve sussed out the balance so I can stand in the pedals and have begun to feel that old confidence – the trust between man and bike. I was talking to my dad about the importance of feeling in tune in your bike, London is a scary place to ride without trusting your machine. He described me as a cyclotaur – half woman, half bike. He thinks he’s funny, what can you do?