New Tyres for Peryl

I’ve just taken Peryl in for a bit of a service, her gears aren’t changing too well and no amount of fiddling by me is making much difference. The guy at BikeFix reckons that brake cable has been used for the rear mech instead of gear cable so he is going to change it for me. So long as it fixes the gear change I don’t really care.

While I was there I decided to invest in a pair of the new tyres now available for the Chameleon. They are the Panracer Pasela touring tyre, they apparently have a little more tread than the Technova although they look very similar. I’ll let you know what I think later.

I damaged my tyres on the Sightseer audax, I got the wheels caught in a ridiculously fine grid – a bit like a cattle grid that spanned one of the roads. Everyone else seemed to sail over it but the combination of small radius and width left me stuck. It has ripped the side of both tyres and gauged my rims.

No puncture incurred though which is amazing. Having said that I will get hundreds now.

3 thoughts on “New Tyres for Peryl

  1. chris

    We found that Specialized Nimbus made excellent touring tyres (if you are interested try The Edinburgh Bike Coop for them). We used a 2″ on the back and a 1″ on the from at 10 cubic inches above the max. Very little roll resistance, and rim to rim kevlar! Did us from Darwin to Tasmania without incident and we both wished we had used them on the tarmac legs of our ride.

    Good luck with the trip


  2. Barry

    Hi – how are the Pasela’s

    Any Audax rides planned for 2006.

    Just got a used black Chameleon – no name yet.

    Bazzz – Norwich

  3. Warriorwomen

    The Paselas were fine. Not a single pword with around 800 miles of use which I really can’t complain about.

    I’m aiming to repeat the London Sight Seer in the summer but it will have to be on a new bike as Peryl is no more!

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