First Goal Knocked on the Head

I was told this morning that I was arsey, something that I attributed to my restrictive diet but it’s got to lunch time and I am now on a high!

No, I haven’t gone on a major blowout and gorged myself on bangers and mash. Nope I have been to the gym.

I went on the treadmill, and after my usual 20 min run I decided to keep going. For the first time ever I managed to run 5 km non stop! Yeah, my first goal completed already. It has to be said, I only managed this, because my occassional gym buddy came to tea this morning, boasting that he had run 2.5 km in 15 mins. I am so god damn competitive I had to find someway to top it. Lets hope he doesn’t do 10 km tomorrow or I’ll be stuffed.

Anyway, I now have a yardstick to measure my progress by:
5 km treadmill run: 40 mins

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