This mornings 8km Run


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This is a small extension to the 6.6k route I mapped out a few days ago. It saves me retracing my steps as its a truly circular route. It was nice and cool this morning with quite a blustery breeze, I’m sure this helped to keep my heart rate under control and meant I was able to run the entire route. Oh well, not quite the entire route, as usual I walked up the steps to each bridge and you can see this reflected in the heart rate profile. Still a pretty good effort I think, and makes a stark contrast to the enforced interval training on the 26th. It looks like a heart rate of 160 bpm makes a manageable run for me.

You can check out more details on the MotionBased website again.


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One thought on “This mornings 8km Run

  1. Steve

    Love the graphs and charts. I’m assuming you’re using SportTracks, great software, love it. My decisions are which graphs and charts do I upload for particular posts, decisions, decisions.

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