Knee Trouble

Jack Osbourne – Adrenalin Junkie 2 has just started up again. I really enjoyed the first series, and found myself thoroughly motivated by his physical transformation . This evening chronicled his attempt to complete the ridiculously tough Marathon Des Sables, a 151 mile endurance race across the Sahara. I really can’t imagine why anyone would contemplate this event, it is clearly going to be unpleasant. Jack appeared to go into this race fairly blind. His preparations for the event included ocassional treadmill running for a maximum of 2 hours (10 miles). What sort of nutter would head out into the desert with such inadequate preparation? Predictably he didn’t finish, plenty of others did though which is probably more surprising.

In contrast to this gruelling event, my morning run just pales into insignificance, mind you I still managed to make enough fuss about it, huffing and puffing for the first 3k. From the splits it shows that I set off pretty speedy for me and only really started to enjoy myself when I slowed up and the rain started.


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I’m being troubled with knee issues today. I don’t think they are actually related to the running, they give way on me a bit when I’m cycling, if I push too high a gear, but today I seemed to exacerbate the problem when I pulled my shoes off without undoing the laces. Pushing the shoe on without undoing the laces, hurts too, so suppose I will have to commit to not being so lazy. I’m a bit worried about my run tomorrow though, I was hoping to try for a 10 k run but I don’t want to injure myself.

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  1. Steve

    Re – your knee problems. I’m no expert but I started taking Glucosamine and Fish Oil about 5 weeks ago. I had a dickie knee back then. My knee is no longer a problem though I’m not sure whether the supplements had any effect or not. If you research on them, it’s all good positive stuff.

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