Healthy Addictions?

I managed to squeeze in a tiny 3.5km run into my super busy schedule yesterday, but as my plans changed at the last minute I had to run straight after my lunch or face a runless day. I normally run first thing in the morning before I have eaten anything so I found running with lunch bouncing around quite uncomfortable. I can’t bear the thought of a weekend day without a run though. It is beginning to look as though I might have developed a healthy addiction for a change. I’m quite pleased about it.

I start a new job tomorrow which kicks off with a 5 day residential induction so I’m a bit concerned that I am not going to be able to do any running for a week. In fact I know that will be the case as I have had to remove my trainers from the suitcase in order to close it, and there isn’t much chance of me running in my suit. My intention is to get up super early tomorrow and try and get enough of a fix to last me til the weekend.

This morning I headed out to Richmond Park to try and catch the Nike 5k training run. I went on the bike this time so I wasn’t tired out before I reached the start, which was my pitiful excuse last Sunday. Shakti came along for the ride and here’s a snap of her trying to overtake me on the way up.


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It was a slightly overcast morning, which was a blessing as this was one of my toughest routes. To start with, I faced a killer climb on the bike just to reach the start and then I had to run back down it in a crazy uncontrolled fashion just to spend the remaining 36 mins on a circuitous uphill route back to where I’d started. I suppose thats running for you though.


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I expected the hilly run to play havoc with my quads but they actually seemed to have faired quite well. If anything, I would say that my hamstrings are twinging slightly and I don’t normally feel anything here at all.

I seem to be alternately heavy and light weeks and this was a good one, here’s the totals:

Week Commencing



Av Pace





Sept Totals




August Totals




3 thoughts on “Healthy Addictions?

  1. Steve

    Come on, pack those runners, you know you want to. Do you really need the high heels?

  2. Heath

    Developing healthy habits feels great. It really becomes part of your lifestyle and has so many benefits.

    Can you take an extra bag for your running stuff? I know it’s not always that easy but I also know all too well how frustrating it can be to miss runs.

    Best of luck with your new job!

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