Asics Barrios Backpack

Asics Barrios Backpack
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I was looking for a smallish pack that I could use for my running commute. I was initially looking at the hydration packs but the small ones seem to have very little room for clobber. I don’t need to hold that much – maybe a purse, diary and a waterproof.

In the end I plumped for this small running pack from asics. i’m impressed with everything else I use from asics and felt sure that they would have a better idea of my requirements as a runner than even I would myself. I think it has proven to be true, its an excellent pack and very comfortable.

The pack itself sits quite high on the back, which took a bit of getting used to as it means the waist strap is quite high too. When I started running though, i felt it to be very stable and it didn’t disturb me at all. There is some padding at the back which acts to hold the pack away from the body so I didn’t even notice my back getting hot – and I’m very sensitive to overheating.

It has stacks of features. There is a pouch at the top for your iPod or other mp3 player and the headphones feed through an orifice leaving them perfectly positioned for your ears. This is actually the first time I’ve managed to run without getting tangle or strangle with the headphone cable. There is a stowable net for cycle helmet or other gear and a seperate section for a hydration system. Theres also a peculiar attachment that zips away at the bottom and is apparently for holding a bottle but I can’t quite see how.

Very good purchase – £30 from wiggle.

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2 thoughts on “Asics Barrios Backpack

  1. Phil

    I get a lot of my stuff from Wiggle as well. Man u like your kit dont you? 🙂

  2. deege

    Wow that looks really cool. Gosh, another thing that I have to get for myself. All essential equipment of course.

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