Walking on Water

My plan yesterday, was to get up early and head out for a long run. As I intend to run home from work next week, I need to confirm that I can still cope with the longer distances. Also I wanted to try out running with a rucksac, so I can get the necessities home, and try wearing a waterproof. I’m concerned that I will overheat like crazy if I wear anymore than a flimsy t-shirt but if it chucks it down while I’m on my way home I don’t want to risk freezing to death either – military planning required!

Anyway, I logged on to the computer first thing and started to have a little play around with the structure of my blog. This is always a fatal move. I end up making everything 10 times worse and then spend the rest of the day desperately trying to back track and get back to where I started. All in all, I must have spent about 15 hours messing around with it yesterday. Hopefully I’m in a better position now but I know that movabletype needs upgrading again and this is hanging over me like a dark cloud.

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I managed to take a break at 4pm and I kitted myself out with my new luminous Gore running shirt, sprayway windproof and Asics Barrios backpack. It had been raining all day but had finally stopped by the time I went out. My planned route along the river was scuppered immediately though as the entire riverside path was submerged under a raging Thames. Pity I forgot to pack my phone or I could have illustrated my futile attempts to walk on water.

I ran along the road for a while and then tried to reach the river route again at this side of Chiswick bridge, a dog walker cut me off this time with tails of flooding mayhem. I finally managed to get down on to the river at the far side of Chiswick bridge and had a fairly clear route to Kew. I’d left it so late that it was getting pretty dark and I can’t say I enjoy running alone along trails at night. Came across a load of runners though – far more than I usually meet on my morning runs.

Obviously I chose to run back along the roads for safety and this meant I covered a fair portion of my planned commute home. All in all it wasn’t a bad run at all. The gore shirt is very lightweight and ultra breathable even with the windproof on top I felt ok. I was wearing a cap as well and I think this caused me to get a bit hot under the collar by the time I finished but I feel well prepared for next week now.

7 thoughts on “Walking on Water

  1. Phil

    Thanks for posting at my place, just had a browse through your blog. Great stuff by the way 🙂 will be back for more.

  2. joggerblogger

    Looks like a good route 🙂 the backpack looks smart. I have tried running with a bumbag thing a few times – but as soon as I put my water bottle in it, it bounces way too much. I might need to get me a running backpack at least I can stop drinking out of puddles on long runs then 😉

  3. Angela

    I managed to retrieve everyones comments out of the spam box. That Akismet does a good job of stopping spam messages getting on to my blog but it seems to work by putting everything into quaranteen.

  4. jogblog

    I’ve been wanting to try running home from work but I’ve got too much stuff to carry and haven’t managed to think of a way round it yet.

    Nice to find a new blog to read and thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

  5. esondag

    Thanks for the comment. I see you are a gear fanatic as well!

    Take care and good running…

  6. celeste

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Always good to find other like-minded souls in the blogosphere!

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