More Playlist Mayhem

As I mentioned earlier, my Saturday has been pretty much ruined due to a wasted day waiting for a delivery from M&S. The delivery was to be expected anytime between 7.30 am and 6 pm. Its gone 8 now and I’m still sitting here, pee’d off, no parcel and no run. I’ve given up now and turned to the bottle, or at least a couple of cans of stella.


I’ve spent most of the day messing around with my iTunes library. I’ve been frustrated by the bpm column that remains empty against all my songs. This info could be super useful. As I determined earlier, my running pace is about 158 strides per minute when it ought to be 180 for maximum efficiency. Surely if I create my playlists around the target beat, I might be able to train my little ole legs to pump a bit faster.

So I’ve been researching bpm determining software. There are a number that require you to tap the beat out on your mouse or trackpad (absolutely useless for rhythmless me) and others that work it out automatically. Its not foolproof though, apparently it is common for the automatic system to either dbl or halve the true bpm, which might explain why my Norah Jones collection appears to the most upbeat music in my library.

I’m trialling beaTunes which is a standalone program that integrates well with iTunes. It populates my library with the bpm info that I’m after but also categorises my music in other ways too. It asigns a colour to each track which looks fairly pretty and again is designed to make intelligent playlist choices that reduce the opportunity for inappropriate or clashing tunes. I like the idea but I haven’t had a chance to try this out as its taking about 20 hrs to analyse my library. The program itself is shareware – I get it free for 8 days, not ideal I suppose but at least I get to update my entire library before the free period runs out.

3 thoughts on “More Playlist Mayhem

  1. Em

    Interesting, I was thinking about the BPM idea myself, but I was being more low tech and wondering if a recording of a metronome would drive me mental before it improved my stride, I decided it would drive me mental!

    My shuffle varies from highly appropriate to highly inappropriate running music, yet it does not seem to interfere with my performance, I think I am just happy to have the company.

  2. 21stCenturyMom

    Thanks for the hot tip on this bpm software. I listen to books when I run which is NOT condusive to going faster so I’m thinking using music at the right bmp for the tempo runs might really help.

  3. Angela

    My trial period has no run out but 8 days proved to be long enough to analyse all my songs and create a handful of playlists. The playlists have proved to be particularly successful, they flow really well and have actually helped to introduce me to my collection. Something to do with the intelligent colour coding system or something.

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