New Gadget Anybody?

I want to go out for a run but I’m stuck in the flat all day waiting for a delivery – I had to pay extra for the privilige of having my saturday ruined, what was I thinking? I’m using the down time to surf the net and discover new gadgets that I can’t possibly live without.


How about the iPod radio remote for starters?

I was reading Joggerbloggers post this morning about the joys of finding unexpected songs on his shuffle, including tunes from his mother in laws lifelong collection. This would absolutely horrify me. I can’t bear even my own old songs appearing unexpectedly during my run and since I’ve been trying out The Filter to manage my playlists this tends to happen quite a bit.

None of this should be too much of a problem of course I could always skip the inappropriate song and move on. When I’m running though, and the nano is attached to my arm or worse still, secreted in a highly inaccessible zipped pocket of my backpack, skipping songs requires you to be double jointed or stationary.

That is where the little remote comes in handy, I can clip it to my shirt and lose the nervous anticipation of the next song. The radio is just a bonus feature.

**UPDATE 19/01/07**
Well, I went for it. My little gadget arrived on Wednesday. It’s true that the radio reception isn’t superb but I managed to put up with up during my bus commute and it was so enjoyable I managed to zip straight past the hospital and had to back track.

As I said though, I was buying it for the remote feature and not the radio. I tested it on this weeks commute and immediately came across a problem as it no longer fits in my Nike armband because of the large adaptor at the base. I managed to fit it through the little hole in my backpack though so it looks like me and the backpack are going to have to remain bonded. Its good to be able to control the music during my run though.

2 thoughts on “New Gadget Anybody?

  1. Phil

    Got one of those radio things you’ve got a pic of and wasn’t that impressed to be honest as it struggled to lock in on a good reception where I live.

    Playlists are the way to go though. Don’t want unexpected stuff cropping up when you need a bit of motivation šŸ˜‰

    Great site, btw.

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