Where’s Wally?

Why is it, when you run a circular route in a gale, the wind just never seems to be in your favour? I was running on the spot for at least half of my route this morning. The rowers looked to be suffering too, I witnessed a few near collisions as they got buffeted around in the spin cycle.

I included this photo in an attempt to get something out of my system. Everytime I do this route I repeat the same thing at the same point. I see the little red floats and the mantra kicks in “Where’s Wally? Where’s Wally?”. It drives me absolutely nuts – its not even funny. Sometimes I avoid the route just to escape my OCD behaviour. Maybe sharing it with you, will release me.

Where’s Wally?
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Inspired by all the marathon training blogs out there, I keep trying to up my mileage to a respectable level. Even now I’ve added a long run into my schedule (the commute), it seems I have to really fight to get in any extra runs. Good job I didn’t push for an entry this April. It seems that once I get a good run under my belt, I kind of ease right off and I struggle even to find the time for running on the weekend. I’m tempted to go for two commutes a week and get it over and done with.

I’d like to alert all you marathon hopefuls to the best race report I’ve come across. Junebug recently completed the Chevron Houston marathon and her blog entries on the outcome were both riveting and moving. I’ve linked to the first entry but be sure to read on to the finish line.

I was happy to manage 20k this week but it wasn’t without a certain amount of pain. Two toenails have gone black and my quads are playing up again. Really glad I made it out for a run this morning though, I was invited out for a Lebanese family meal and I’ve just staggered home about twice the size. If I hadn’t gone for a pre-dinner run I think I would have probably exploded. The meal started with hummous and bread, then we moved on to an amazing 3 cheese lasagne with salad. This would have been fine but then out came two roast meats, roast spuds, veg etc and a huge pile of basmati rice cooked with minced lamb and roasted pine nuts. We seemed to get the best sunday dishes from at least 3 cultures and I am suffering for my sins now.