Worrying Developments

I am slightly concerned about two new obsessions that seem to be gaining a foothold.

Firstly you may have noticed that a whole load of ultrarunners have suddenly gatecrashed my blogroll and therefore my regular reading list. Yesterday my new book arrived, Ultramarathon Man by Dean Karnazes, and I stayed up til 3am to finish it.

Why would this be? A long run for me is 10k.

Can’t help feeling such an admiration for this show of endurance and ridiculous stubborness. When Karnazes finished his first 50-miler he described rather too vividly the terrible spasms and projectile vomiting that ruined his lovely new Lexus. It’s trials like this that help define who you actually are and I’m sure most of us hanker to know just how much we could actually deal with.

The second development is rather more impulsive. Last night I suddenly decided that I was going defect from MovableType and head over to wordpress.org. This is clearly going to cause an immense weekend long headache if I go ahead with it. I had to restrain myself from giving it a go last night when the urge first grabbed me.

This is my explanation in advance for any prolonged outage of the blog, and any pattern baldness that I may concurrently develop.

3 thoughts on “Worrying Developments

  1. John

    2 things:

    1 – I work in Brentford, you can pick me up and carry me back to Mortlake

    2 – Can I use your picture of Barnes Pond on my blog?

  2. Angela

    mmmmm let me see…..
    1) How about no, are you trying to kill me?
    2) yup absolutely, I’ll email it to you.
    So you see – you win some, you lose some.

  3. booyaa

    Dean is very much the rock and roll star of running. He doesn’t do things by half. The book’s on my wishlist, looking forwards to reading it.

    Re: challenges – have you ever thought about doing triathlons? Not the full ironman, something like the sprint. You’ve already got two the skills down.

    Good luck with the migration to wordpress. I was pleasantly surprised to see how well it imported my blogger posts.

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