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My hip has started to get really vocal in the last few weeks, it is not very happy with me at all. I’m not alone with this one, I’ve noticed a number of bloggers commenting on similar ailments but so far I haven’t picked up any great cure-all tips.

I was hoping to squeeze a couple of running commutes in this week but I was limping for two days after the first so I thought I ought to give it a rest. Trouble is, resting doesn’t seem to be the definative answer either, it improves slightly, only to start twingeing again the moment I start running. The last time my hip was bad was around the time of the Nike 10km back in October, I thought I was going to have to drop out but I just took a few Ibuprofen and managed to keep pushing til the end. I didn’t walk well for a few days and then I started seeing a physio. She reckoned it was ITB pain, which surprised me as the site of greatest pain was right over my iliac crest and not on my thigh at all, but she gave me some stretches to do and got me to invest in some crazily expensive shoes and the problem started to improve.

After a few clear months it’s reappeared and the only thing that has changed is that:

  1. I’m too bone idle to do stretching at home
  2. I switched super expensive shoes for a pair of non-slip trail shoes for a few runs

I’ve often heard that leg length discrepancies are fairly common, and can result in pain in the hip on the dominant side. The notes on the coolrunning site had me jumping up and down in front of the mirror, barely clad, trying to determine if this affliction affected me. Trouble is I’d need a couple of rulers, a long spirit level and an assistant to detect differences as small as a cm – and that is just not going to happen, so I have to assume I am perfectly formed.

Sometimes the pain moves from the iliac crest (I think that is the lumpy bit most commonly referred to as the hip bone) into my waist and then into my buttock. I’ve done a few searches and found some interesting pointers on the coolrunning website. Looks like it could be piriformis syndrome or just a simple overuse injury but either way the solution lies in stretching -yawn!

I don’t know what my problem is with stretching but really I cannot be arsed to do it at home. My proposed solution is to check out the local Bikram yoga centre for a week and see if makes any difference. I’ve got a week before my next 10 km event in Hyde Park so I think this is the ideal testing ground. For those that don’t know, Bikram yoga is alternatively referred to as hot yoga, and is similar to Hatha yoga except that it is performed in a heated room – 100’F. The heat helps keep you supple and you can get more involved in your stretch and also means you tend to feel it the next day. You also get very hot, which means while I continue to wear head to foot clothing and nearly pass out by the end of the session, the blokes in the class will typically perform their stretches wearing only a skimpy pair of speedos. Gross!

4 thoughts on “Hot Yoga

  1. Yogi Scott

    I’ve been doing Yoga for a while, and I love it. When I started I was not flexible at all. I think you’ll like it. I do at home, though, with a video.

    You might like the Yoga Forums.

  2. Steve

    Not sure if I can offer a lot here as I’ve never had any hip/back pain from running. A thought that crossed my mind that may be a contributing factor is running form. Seek out an experienced running coach, you never know, there might be some good pointers there.

    Just a thought.

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