Running Commute No 8

Grief it was cold today and windy, but I shouldn’t complain – it seems the wind was in my favour for most of the route and that never normally happens. I felt really strong at the end, my hip was hurting but I had stacks of puff left and finished with my fastest time so far for the commute:

10km in 1:17:22 which is an av pace of 7:43 mins/km
My heart rate av/max was 155/166bpm

I was ticking along listening to a new podcast I’ve found, it’s called Get Your Geek On and is put together by two blogging triathletes Iron Will and Tri-Geek Kahuna. I’ve got a huge backlog of episodes to get through and it should keep me good for the next years worth of running commutes. Mind you I’ve just heard that I’m going to be shipped off to Broadmoor for a month or so which will play havoc with commuting plans – too far for cycling never mind running. It will be cool to get a gps running route around the perimeter though if I can sneak my gadgets past the security check.

It’s The Great Escape run this Sunday in Hyde Park, from the confirmation emails sent out it looks like me and OGB will be in a pack of about six other runners!

3 thoughts on “Running Commute No 8

  1. celeste

    Those times are coming steadily down. I’m the one who’s going to have to get out there more often……

    Where or what is Broadmoor??

  2. warriorwoman Post author

    Broadmoor Hospital was previoulsy called Broadmoor Asylum for the Criminally Insane, it is the most famous place in the UK for high profile criminals who also have a severe mental illness.

    It’s tucked away in the middle of nowhere as far as I can tell but then I haven’t been there yet so I may be surprised.

  3. jogblog

    You were extremely brave running in this weather. I’m not going to do a running commute this week.

    Is Ian Brady going to be your new running partner?

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