Impulsive Nutter

Oh good grief, not sure what has possessed me but I’ve just pressed submit on an entry form for the Stratford Sprint Triathlon.

I think I am going to be asking myself why for quite some time to come.

I can’t remember how to swim so I’m going to immerse myself in Hampton outdoor pool after the Bushy Park TT this Saturday. I wonder if I’ve got a swimming costume?

6 thoughts on “Impulsive Nutter

  1. celeste

    You’re mad! But good luck anyway. Isn’t it cold over there at the moment? And you want to swim in an outdoor pool??? Crikey mate!! You could always practice your swimming and cycling at the same time in your bathtub! (Yes, yes, I’m STILL intrigiued by the whole bath/bike thing.)

  2. Hollywood

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

    Now enter a ThamesTurbo race too!

    And the Southwater relays!

    And get yourself something yellow 🙂

    IronWarrior is only a little way away….

  3. deege

    That is so cool. I have a bit of a strange attraction for triathlons. I read the magazines when I run out of running ones. But I think it might be a goal rather than a means to anything.

  4. stephanieontour

    Well done on entering your first Triathlon … I remember what my experience was like last year and I don’t think that sense of “£&% what have I done?” ever really goes away.

    But you’ll have fun .. honestly.

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