I Float

I took advantage of my extra light hour this evening and cycled down to Pools in the Park for a little paddle.

Seems I can still remember how to float but forward progress is slow and quite painful actually. The front of my ankle hurts after a few lengths so I had to give up on the leg kick and just tickle my way forward with the arms. My lower back hurts as well but that’ll be because I’m bent in the middle trying to keep my head in the breathing zone.

I did 20 leisurely lengths in about 20 mins so that suggests my predicted time of 40 mins for 400m was a little pessimistic. If I can suss out how to handle the head in the water breathing I should improve matters a little.

I’ve been thinking about triathlon logistics recently, particulalry the transition stage. I reckon I could lose an hour at T1 and T2 if todays attempt to leave the house was anything to go by. I had to nip in and out twice to collect missing items from rucksac, like money and bra. I was half way down the road when I realised I’d forgotten my helmet. At the pool I was in my costume before I discovered I needed to purchase a token to retrieve the key from the locker so I had to get dressed again and go back out to the reception.  Dizzy ***!

5 thoughts on “I Float

  1. Steve

    After reading this post I can now see where you came up with the advice at my blog re – Tables/HTML etc suggesting ‘float’. Thanks for that, I’ll try it out later.

  2. Kate

    Forward progress is an issue for me too but only because I refuse to put my head under water! Just a mild splash in the face is enough to make me panic like a water-averse weirdo – probably due to a small drowning incident in childhood….I’m such a pansy!!

  3. Rodiogirl

    heh heh. Great post Warrier Woman. Hope you will still speak to me after the tri.

    Your post reminded me of me!!!


    p.s. I usually havn`t got any money when I go swimming so can`t even get a locker!

  4. Faithful Soles

    As always, great posts. I am really proud of you and your swimming. I just started my swimming phase of my triathlon training a couple of weeks ago. I will finally resume my running on April 16, but I am enjoying the cross training for now. Take care and keep up the great work!

  5. kathy

    I loved your transition story. I always seem to be leaving something behind too – not my bra though! I do this great long check when I’m leaving for the gym – runners, keys, water, clothes to get changed into, lunch, etc etc, and I still manage to forget something. The other week I kept forgetting the watch component of my HRM!

    I’m impressed with your persistence at swimming when it’s not something you’re really comfortable doing. Keep up the good work.

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