BPTT Update for 31st March

Yay – two pb’s today.

It seems that each time I turn up for the run at Bushy Park my heart throws in an extra couple of beats for good measure. Hollywood and John were cracking the whip on the final straight this week and the result: my new HRmax is now 189 bpm and my new 5 km record is 34:35


I still haven’t got the hang of the new watch, I managed to press the wrong button at the end of the race again and the timer didn’t stop. Thankfully its pretty clear on the pace chart where I collapsed over the finish line.

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  1. Wow Angela – what a run!!!! You must be absolutely stoked! Gosh woman, you are leaving me in your wake – I can only see dust!!! Congratulations!

  2. 1. Congrats on the new 5km PB
    2. It’s clear from the chart and the amount of back chat that you’ve got more yet to go – John and I will stand a bit further down the finish straight next time – maybe at kilometer 2 🙂

  3. P.S. You asked for race recommendations….

    I think the Runnerworld event ratings are fairly good…. certainly if you see a race scoring lower than 80% on “would you do it again” then you can treat it close to a poor ebay seller rating… for reference BPTT gets high 90s, cool local races like wokingham and reading half score in the 80s and 90s (but reading used to score much lower!), the mildly expensive but professional Kingston (Human Race) races score in the 90s, and there are fortunately very few races which score as low as the British 10km – a stunning ***51%*** (and most people still wonder how it scored that high)

    Local races that I know of as good (from personal experience) are:
    – Jan – Serpies New Years Day 10km
    – Feb – Wokingham Half
    – March – Reading Half
    – April – Thames Towpath 10 miles
    – May – Richmond Half marathon (not the most scenic route but flat!)
    – June – Stragglers club 10km championship (you have to be a member though!)
    – July – Windsor triathlon (expensive though!)
    – August – dunno – I’m too busy doing tris!
    – September – Windsor Half (expensive and hard work – but lovely)
    – October – Nike 10km and Cabbage Patch 10 miles (especially recommend the latter)
    – November – Brighton 10km (really good)
    – December – BPTT Xmas day followed by a swim in Hampton open air pool

    A bit further afield I`d also recommend the Milton Keynes Half in March, the Orpington Marafun (a personal favourite) and the Abingdon marathon.

    Others have told me excellent things about:
    – the Wimbledon 10km races
    – the Regents Park race series
    – the Maidenhead 10 race
    – the Elmbridge 10km
    – the Staines 10km
    – the Dysart Dash 10km
    – Leatherhead 10km
    – Sutton 10km
    – the Great South Run (but not as favourable a set of reports for the Great North!)
    – the 2:09 series of races….

    In general most races are good… there really are very few bad races….

    (waffle… waffle… waffle… waffle…)

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