Broadmoor Hospital Perimeter Run

I started at Broadmoor this week so there has been a sudden slump in my exercise levels. No more cycle commuting for a month which loses me 110 km of road riding straight off and it’s not all that practical to include a running commute to the mix either.

Still, I have reached some sort of agreement with the security guards – if I let them ramsack my kit bag after its been through the xray scanner, and then pull out the enell contraption (which btw looks cool under xray cos of the myriad of hooks) and then hoot with derision at the technical running gadgets I’ve stashed away – I get to prepare myself for a run around the perimeter every evening before I drive home again.

The hospital is in a really beautiful location, and I feel completely buzzed up everytime I arrive. On wednesday night I opted for the simple perimeter run, keeping the compound walls on my right meant I didn’t need to worry about getting lost. It was a tough run because of the hills but was only 2.8 km in total. Last night I got a bit more adventurous and headed into the woods for an extended perimeter run.

Broadmoor 5km


This one finished out at 5 km but as you can see from the mapmyrun satellite image there are probably an infinite number of route possibilities with all the tracks zigzagging through the woods. I could get lost for quite sometime.

I’m intrigued by the circular track in the top lefthand corner. When the garmin comes back from the doctors I’ll take it for a run around there – looks like I may be able to map the Anarchy symbol in my next run.

One thought on “Broadmoor Hospital Perimeter Run

  1. myf

    That circular track is part of the TRL, so I don’t think it’s accessible to the public.

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