Run, bike, swim

Sundays now seem to be the day for upside down triathlons. This morning I nipped out for a short run around Chswick and Barnes Bridge to check out the aftermath of the boat race.

Boat Race 3

Gorgeous morning, the river seemed to be teeming with kayaks for a change.

After a longish transition involving the production of potato and gherkin salad and relaxation in a luxurious bath I headed out with the Stumpjumper only to return to the house a few minutes later to collect the forgotten helmet. I see a disqualification heading my way if I don’t sort out this mental block before Stratford. Bounced around Richmond Park for a bit before arriving at Hampton pool.

I am beginning to think that swimming is never going to be my thing. I haven’t really read any more of the total immersion book so I quickly flicked to chapter 8 (the drills section) while I was in the bath this morning, that just scared me so then I started flicking through in search of breathing tips. I saw a few references to yogic breathing which I know about but have never really tried under water. Book closed – non the wiser.

Started off in the pool “pushing the buoy”, then remembered to breath. Started the next length focusing on breathing. Breathing every third 3rd arm flap seems manageable but while I’m in this routine I seem to forget about pushing the chest down. Revert to pushing chest down then immediately stop breathing again. Bob up to the top gasping for oxygen after about 12 arm flaps. Finaly fall back into the ever so slow, vertical, head shaking, bilateral breathing technique that I started with before I wasted cash on umpteen books and special vacuum sealing goggles.

Got out of pool, devoured delicious potato salad and started smiling again.

12 thoughts on “Run, bike, swim

  1. Kathy

    I love the descriptions you give of your swimming. Arm flaps! *giggle*

    I had a terrible time learning to swim, although, being an Aussie, I learned when I was eight years old. I can still remember the trauma of it all. Once you do get it you’ll improve by leaps and bounds. Hmm, maybe by strokes and leg kicks.

    I think a lot of the same things you tell yourself when you’re running will apply when you’re swimming, like the ever important “relax”.

    Good luck with it all.

    Oh, T1 sounded like a lot of fun. (I must be reading too many blogs where they talk triathlong – did you like the way that T1 just slipped off my fingers?)

  2. celeste

    I haven’t been game enough to hit the pool yet. I can swim but I tend not to be very graceful about it. I yet to remain convinced as to the validity of tri’s. Besides, the bike I bought is ever-so-practical, not at all the speedy image-friendly stumpmeister like yours!!! (And I don’t keep mine in the bathtub either.)

    Apparently deep water running is something that is good too. Apart from the fact that I don’t even know what that is, it sounds awfully like it involves getting wet. And getting wet sounds awfully like swimming, and swimming is not particularly fun. I admire your dedication to the discipline however, and I am sure you will not shame yourself at the tri.

    Keep up the hard training. It is certainly paying off – I mean look at your running times now! Whoosh!!! (Don’t get too far in front of me, or I won’t be able to keep up next time you’re in Oz.)

  3. sarah

    Hi WW, My hubby has the Immersion vid if you would like to lend it,


  4. sarahvandenberg

    Thanks for the comments on my blog – I can never make myself go out and run at night either. i admire your efforts on the bike and in the pool. good on you.

  5. Tammy

    It’s not upside down, it’s backwards (bass ackwards). If it were upside down you’d be doing the backstroke, then…. well, then mostly falling off your bike…. then maybe the crab? does not sound fun. Stick w/backwards.

  6. kathy

    Thanks for your comment on my blog WW. You’re always so encouraging and inspirational. I really appreciate it.

  7. Jenny

    Thanks for coming by to say hello on my blog 🙂 I keep trying to get back to swimming but it seems that some time over the… err… 17 years its been since I was last a regular swimmer I’ve somehow forgotten how to do it. 17 years… I feel ancient!

  8. Roads

    Hi once again – it’s very good to see you thriving through these pages, and well done on entering the Stratford Sprint Triathlon.

    That’s a very familiar event, which I have watched several times from the comfort of an armchair. The run heads along the River Avon right opposite my parents’ house, whilst the bike ride goes past their front door on its way out to Tiddington, Charlecote and on towards Warwick, where I went to school.

    I did run the Shakespeare Marathon once (a description is here, but that has a couple of killer hills on its two-lap course and I haven’t felt like racing even the half marathon in Stratford since.

    I’ve never done a triathlon, although I’ve been resting a dodgy knee and I’ve done much more cycling and swimming than usual this winter. And with (theoretical) training underway for the London-Brighton cycle ride in June, I’m feeling quite tempted.

    So maybe I should enter …

    Hmm. And whilst I think further, I’ve added a link to this site from mine.

  9. Roads

    Browsed around the photos here, too. Great pictures.

    And I loved the one of St Martha’s Hill from the North Downs Way. Obviously.

  10. jadedhack

    I had just started jogging recently and was really pleased with the flab busting effect it was having on my body. But I soon noticed I was
    getting terrible broken veins on my thighs. When I went to the derm they said the running was causing this.
    I cant find much on the web but wearing gel soled trainers apparantly helps, as does running on grass. Does anyone have any suggestions? Plus which are the best trainers to get? They are clearly an investment. I want to keep running but have the veins whipped out was expensive and really hurt!!!

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