Break Out

Broadmoor tracks

Two weeks of working within a high security setting is starting to take its toll – talk about claustrophobic!

I wasn’t sure if I could face another run this evening but after I made it through the fourth airlock to freedom, I just wanted to break free.

I didn’t want to tie myself to the usual Broadmoor Hospital perimeter run so my intention was to find 4 or 5 km of interest in the surrounding woods. I made a couple of duff choices, trogging up hills that ended in impenetrable hedges, and prime singletrack littered with hurdles

Broadmoor hurdles

and other hardcore obstacles.

Broadmoor assault course

Devils Highway

I backtracked a bit and found myself on a wonderfully undulating path that was heading to a place called “Look Out”. This sounded temptingly scenic and I was just loving the roller coaster route so I just sucked up each km.

This was really the most enjoyable run in ages, it was slow and hilly but what a cool place to run. It looks like absolutely prime mountain biking territory as well so I may have to shove the Stumpmeister (thanks for the name Celeste) into the boot of the car next week.

After I reached the top of this track I came across this sign post – check out my options!

Sign post

I might have started heading towards “Look Out” but it ceased to be the most interesting option when I realised I’d just conquered “Devil’s Highway” and I could choose between “Ladies Mile” and “Pudding Hill”. I opted for the ladies route and did in fact come across two of the species before turning round and hoping I could find my way back to the secure zone.

Total for the evening was a pleasurable 7.7 km in and around Swinley Woods. This week has already broken all my records for running and I still have BPTT tomorrow and a possible jaunt on Sunday.

5 thoughts on “Break Out

  1. jogblog

    Wow, that looks like a fab place to run! Seems we’ve all (well, 4 of us blogger types) been exploring woods in the last week. Joggerblogger might tell you off though 🙂

  2. celeste

    You’ve managed to find yourself a great running route! AND it seems there are still plenty of options. You can get to the lookout next time! Is this wood far from where you are working? Like, is it part of the run to start from work or do you have to travel to get there?? Sounds like a huge area.

    I’m all inspired to explore my own Kings Park a bit more. I’ll be walking for a while so that’s a great reason to get onto some of the sandy paths that I would avoid if I was running. 400 hectares of bush just waiting to be explored. I thought I might bus it one direction and then toddle home via the scenic route.

    Don’t overdo the running though. If you feel you need a rest, then take one. Don’t feel guilty – trust me. And don’t feel that you need to crank up the km. Trust me on that one too.

  3. tim

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  4. Phil

    That sounds like a great run. I recently ventured out in the woods but where i was running there wasn’t a prison with the reputation of Broadmoor (are u mad?) sorry sick joke.

    Goto “look out” point one day and tell us if its the end of the world. 🙂

  5. jason

    Great ride on Sat WW. Bloody great stuff! A run in BP…with your greatest PB yet and then a 30 plus mile bike ride! And it was quite hot to boot. It was a pleasure to ride with you! And what about that human Gazelle! Wasn’t he just amazing!

    I remember Swinley Forest. I was in there three times in the summer of last year (I must go back there!) 30+degrees temp and a cycling buddy who split his head open…no helmet! But yes…it is a fantastic place for mountain biking & running and getting lost in there is quite easy! But I never knew that Broadmoor Hospital was there! One learns new things everyday. Coral Reef across the road from the Look Out is great fun too:)


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