BPTT Update for 14th April

BPTT Polar HR 140407

Another successful run today and a whole new pb! I don’t know where they are all coming from but it certainly helps when I’ve got someone to chase or even better when I have someone hot on my heels – I run and squeal like a girl when I get chased.

I was battling it out with one of those pesky run/walkers. I think it was her first time at the Bushy Park Time Trial so she was foxed by the deceptive finish straight. She overtook me at the bend going at a fair old pelt but I nodded sagely to myself – not a chance she’d be able to complete without another walking episode. Sure enough, the finishing km took the better of her and she slowed right up, I sauntered past her and with about 500 m to go I felt I could start my final sprint.

BPTT 140407

If you check out the heart rate curve above you can see the point at which my pace and heart rate soared in the middle of the final lap. You can also see that I maintained it only for about 150 m before realising that even as a seasoned BPTT’er I also had been foiled by the dreaded k. My pace dropped right back down to my usual shuffle and the pesky run/walker grabbed her chance. She passed me easily but seemed to have lost some of her earlier sprint prowess, my killer instinct snapped and I delved deep for a previously unknown speed and took her on the line.

Now for my time, the watch records an amazing time of 34:04 for the 5km route which matches the time called out by the timer on the finish line BUT the darn official time is recorded as 34:21. It’s still a pb but just not quite as good a pb. It looks like the positions were muddled a bit at the back as my time was swiped by the person two positions ahead. Never mind, it just means I should have room for another pb soon.

**UPDATE** the great guys at BPTT have just contacted to let me know of the position error so my official time is being bumped back up to 34:04 Yay!!!

Kieran has posted his heart rate plot for todays BPTT, also recorded on the RS800SD, he’s taken the time to explain all the features displayed on the polar protrainer chart. It’s interesting to see how my back of the pack performance compares to his 20 min performance. One thing we have in common is a max HR which far exceeds our age predicted max and which also exceed that recorded in maximal testing environments – just shows how gruelling this event can be! As expected Kieran runs with a cadence slightly faster than mine and a stride length at least 50% greater than mine. Mmmmm….. now what is one supposed to do with all this amazing info?

Straight after the run I met up with Jason for another blast around Richmond Park on the mountain bikes. I’m sitting at home now absolutely shot to bits. Jae is considerably faster than me at the best of times but he was out on his swanky new bike with waver thin tyres (waver thin by mtb standards) and it nearly killed me trying to keep up with him. It was fun skidding around the dust and trying to avoid trees that kept jumping out in front of me.

There are some pretty monstrous hills in RP and I kind of expect to be overtaken by runners as I bob up them in my granny gear but today there was some superman trail runner on the track and he actually overtook me on the up hills and down hills! He was flippin amazing in a totally irritating fashion.

Here’s a snap of Jae and myself in the park, if you look carefully you can probably see superman passing us again on his second lap. Jae & Me

9 thoughts on “BPTT Update for 14th April

  1. celeste

    Do you realise you fast you now are??? You are so close to 6.30 k’s it’s not funny. You are an absolute LEGEND!!!!! This time trial gig is the best thing you’ve done – just look how much you have improved.

    I’m going to make 5km my new favourite distance. Watch out – I’ll be chasing you down soon.

    (I am damned happy you beat home the run/walker. Crikey they annoy the crap out of me!)

  2. kathy

    You sound so active! And you have such fun on your various runs and bike rides.

    I used the warrior woman image again on the weekend, and it helped someone else drag some energy out of nowhere as well.

    *blush* I’m a pesky run/walker working to be a run/runner.

  3. jogblog

    Another PB, well done 🙂

    I want a TT round here. Can you ask the organisers to start a Walthamstow Marshes Time Trial please? But a bit later than 9 o’clock. Ta 🙂

  4. Phil

    Congrats on your PB looks like your gonna be smashing records for a long time to come.

    What bike is that? Ive saved over a grand now to get a bike and i don’t know weather i should keep going to get a top of the range thingy. I will be doing lots off road stuff as there are some amazing tracks here in the National Park.

  5. booyaa

    Crikey another PB! Congrats! You might want to pick up a copy this month’s Running Fitness they’ve got some tips on making a smooth transition from bike to running without your legs becoming jelly.

  6. David Rowe

    The thing I love is that wherever you are in the field at BPTT there’s always a race to be had. Experience of pacing yourself to race distance is also an excellent skill, and it must be fun to battle with the run/walkers. Great stuff.

  7. Kieren

    It’s really great getting to see your heart rate data – even better as it’s for the same event.

    How do you find the footpod at measuring distance? For me it’s pretty much spot on with zero calibration which is amazing! Well done on the PB 🙂 It will be intersting to see how our heart rate : pace change as BPTT gets hotter the further we get into summer.

  8. warriorwoman

    I’ve found the footpod to be pretty good, I did calibrate it after the first BPTT but only because the unit had some half baked calibration from its previous owner. It seemed a bit off this week, recording a distance of 4.9k, and I didn’t cut any corners to get that pb honest 😉

    I hope my hearat rate doesn’t increase too much in line with the temperature, I don’t want a cardiovascular incident on the finish line.

    Thanks for that tip, I’ll check it out.

  9. deege

    I love that photo – you look like how I feel when I am trying to overtake one of those run/walkers. Well done with YET ANOTHER pb.

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