The Beast is Back

My super little heart broken garmin has been returned. In fact the nice people at garmin have given me a brand new forerunner 305 as the original clearly had a terminal cardiac issue. Good warranty service, yay for Garmin!

So I’m now having to sneak through Broadmoor security with two heart rate monitors, a strange foot pad thingy and a gps unit. Great fun trying to explain why I need such weird gadgetry every morning. I’m a little embarassed to be seen out on the trails with a running computer on each wrist but its the only way to get a fair comparison between the two.

Broadmoor Caesars Camp

Fantastic evening again, what a joy to be out running.

I had a slight variation on the route this evening. I was trying for a slow pace (which I achieved admirably as usual) with the intention of keeping the heart rate low. Given the heart bursting quality of the hills in this area though, I struggled with this feature of my training.

The little clover leaf shape in the route was Caesar’s Camp, an ironage hilltop fort in the middle of the forest. How cool is that? I was running along a foot wide track on the edge of the camp with a superb view over the woods. Just a complete joy!

Caesars Camp

9 thoughts on “The Beast is Back

  1. rachel

    Reminds me of that scene in Silence of the Lambs where Clarice is running through the FBI woods when she gets stalked. Nice but spooky!

  2. warriorwoman Post author

    Todays run felt like that for me too, I had my ipod on but I kept turning around feeling as though someone was behind me.

  3. Kate

    Looks like a really nice place to run. Now I’m done with class and only have one assignment left to finish here’s hoping I’ll be feeling more like hitting the trails early next week. Hoping also that the good weather holds out…I hate running in the cold!

  4. Hollywood

    “What a joy to be out running”

    1. You’ve been raiding the drugs cupboard at the hospital.
    2. You’ve been replaced by an alien.
    3. You’ve seen the light 🙂

    P.S. Dunno how you managed to get photos of me last weekend – I didn’t see you at all at the race (although I did spot you on the bike afterwards)

  5. joggerblogger

    😀 nice pic’s are you sure one of them so called sat nav systems isn’t really your prisoner tracker 😉

  6. celeste

    Looks like an awesome place to be running. Sounds to me like this move to the country (?) has been a blessing in disguise for your running! I remember your being concerned about missing the running commute. But what you’ve ended up with is more varitey and heaps more fun!!

  7. kathy

    You’ll end up a character in a sitcom – woman smuggling gadgets into high security area for strange purpose.

    I love seeing the images of your runs.

  8. bigandy

    hi warrior!
    I live in the same area that you run. Last Sunday I ran for the first time from my house to The Look Out and back. Here is the route: Lookout 10. My running club Sandhurst Joggers do a Handicap Competition (second Weds of every month) of two laps around the perimeter of the Broadmoor Hospital (incl Crowthorne too). Distance = 5.6 miles total. the website is SJ.
    See you!

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