BPTT Update for 21st April

BPTT 210406

The popularity of the Bushy Park Time Trial is on the rise. With almost 400 runners each Saturday you’d think there’d be at least one or two as slow as me. Not a chance – how did all those new runners get to be so fast?!

Hardly anyone to chase at all this week, I had an early daliance with a run/walker. We passed pleasantries to and fro about 6 times, after that I think she decided to stay behind me and take the conversational pressure off. Despite the limited competition I managed another pb. My 5km time has improved by more than 2 mins in the time I’ve been attending the time trial, which makes me think that the magic 30 minute target may be achieved one day.

Met with Jae straight after the run again for another shattering morning on the mountain bikes. These bike-run-bike brick sessions absoultely exhaust me, I was supposed to be fitting in a swim this afternoon but I really didn’t have the energy to float. Went for a jug of Pimms instead.

I’m handing out jelly beans at the London marathon tomorrow, I’ll be at mile 22 so there will be plenty of opportunity for me to have scoffed them all before the runners arrive exhausted and in desperate need of a sugar rush – please accept my apology in advance. I’m hoping that the experience will put me off the idea of ever entering a marathon, that way I can save myself the relentless, arduous, gruelling experience that is marathon training.

Good luck to all the runners tomorrow, hope its not too much of a scorcher (although that would make my day quite pleasurable).

7 thoughts on “BPTT Update for 21st April

  1. celeste

    Cool! Handing out jelly beans at the marathon! You would have to be one of THE most important volunteers then! Mile 22? I’m guessing that’s close to the end? (All you old fashioned Imperial people, I don’t know.)

    I am so pleased you are continuing with the BPTT. Just think of the satisfaction you will have when, one day, you beat someone home. And it’s YOU that gives the encouragement at the end to the slow 30 minute finishers!!!

  2. rungreg

    I ran london marathon two years ago. This marathon is so nice ! You are welcome on my blog.


  3. Kathy

    It’s just as well you didn’t swim WW – you have to save your energy for fighting off desperate marathoners so you can eat all the black jelly beans!

    Have a great day tomorrow.

  4. Kate

    Oh God, they’re not ‘Jelly Belly’ jelly beans are they? I could run 26 miles for a handful of those – pas de probleme!!! My ex bought me a huge tube for Easter and proceeded to make me guess the flavours of about half the tube…I was buzzing like a fly on ecstasy for a good hour! You’re welcome to the black ones though – liquorice…Eurgh!!!

  5. Steve

    Congrats on another pb. I think everytime you run BPTT you’re pb’ing. I reckon set your sights on 25 mins and 30 mins will take care of itself.

    I’d love to run the London marathon one year (and New York), I reckon it would be such a buz, and then base myself up in Manchester with family for a holiday.

  6. jogblog

    Pimms, mmmmmmmmmmmm.

    Welll done (again) on the PB. If you keep on PB-ing, you’ll have finished the race before you’ve even got out of bed.

  7. joggerblogger

    “Went for a jug of Pimms instead.” – I can’t fault you training plan 😀
    I need to get out on my bike, your blogging is making me jealous.

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