Marathon lessons


1. Don’t even think about it!

2. Don’t consider it

3. Wipe it clean from your mind

4. Ok, if you’re going to do it, choose a nice light costume so you don’t feel like you’re running in a sauna.

Seriously, I am knackered and all I was doing was taking photos, my god it was hot. I’m absolutely frazzled, just imagine what it was like to run 26.2 miles. I am definately not going to make any impulsive entries until I can be sure to finish in under 5 hours. If you’re too slow you get swept up with the street cleaners that seem to trundle along way faster than my 5k sprint pace.

I have a selection of photo’s from the fetchies spot at mile 22 on flickr, as usual I took way too many photos so it may take a while for me to upload them all.

12 thoughts on “Marathon lessons

  1. rungreg

    Tes photos sont super ! Mais je me pose une question, est-ce que le concurrent à la belle tenue verte a chanté des chansons de Freddy Mercury ?????

  2. rachel

    You managed to spot Gordon Ramsey!!! How cool.

  3. Roads

    The answer is definitely yes.

    Not if, but when. You’re going to run the London Marathon.

    Very well done for volunteering yesterday. I always try to thank the marshals and volunteers when I’m out running in a race, since they’ve given up their free time to be there. It’s amazing how many people just grumble instead.

  4. rachel

    AJs friend Yvonne did it in 4:38:40. I’m really impressed. I think she only got into running in the past year or so.

  5. warriorwoman Post author

    Rach, that is so impressive. It was so flippin hot I was almost passing out on the side lines. So many people were cramping up and screaming as they passed me. It was a very good warning for me to prepare for a bit longer, and perhaps, if I can quit the beer, lose a bit of weight first.

    Also I will run in my cycling shirt so that I can carry a kilo of jelly babies in my back pocket. Folk seemed to really struggle accepting sweets from the crowd while still running. You should have seen their eyes light up as they spotted jelly babies and then how destroyed they looked as the bounty dropped out of their fingers to the floor. I would have laughed if it hadn’t been so painful.

  6. warriorwoman Post author

    Hi Roads

    I agree with you, volunteers are amazing. I’ve experienced it first hand, as the time trial I attend every saturday only exists because people are prepared to give up their time for others. Running has really exposed me to a lot of good folk.

    I wasn’t actually doing anything yesterday, except for trying to catch a few memories for people. The fetcheveryone crew were really amazing though. Not only were they supporting specific runners, they were also handing out sweets, iced lollies and providing crippled runners with deep massage from the side of the road. I think they must have touched a lot of people yesterday and made all the difference.

  7. Kathy

    I love the advice. I’ll keep it firmly in mind.

    Of course, I’m looking forward to hearing all about your first marathon!

  8. Phil

    That photo is priceless 🙂 had me roaring. I saw some of the Marathon on t.v very inspiring.

  9. rachel

    I reckon if you do it you should go as Wonder Woman (aka Warrior Woman). Get your all boufont and you can store ANYTHING in there!! It would be like pick and mix.

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