MTB Champ?

The Look Out

My time at Broadmoor is rapidly running to an end and I need to exploit this fantastic area before it’s out of my life, forever. With this in mind, Jason drove out today and met me at the Look Out for a blast around Swinley Forest on the mountain bikes.

This is part of our route in the dedicated mtb zone. The fact that the area was labelled Expert Zone should have been all the indication I needed to steer well clear! But did I?

Nope, I skidded and screamed and generally bounced my way down tracks completely out of my league. I actually recall Jae tempting me over a particularly unappealing section known as the “drop off” – thank god for disc brakes. On another descent I remember trying to work out what the trade in value for my swanky mountain bike would be in a swanky road bike shop, then I clonked my head into a low hanging tree and reminded myself to “Pay Attention!”.

Sand Cut

I’ve started a new training program that I’ll probably talk about later, but todays session was designed to be fairly tough going, a hills routine maximising my heart rate in zones 4 & 5. I think all my zone 5 entries were fear induced all the photos show a terrified grimace on my face.

Check out that heart rate profile, isn’t mountain biking crazy – a true interval sport. In contrast my running charts are so much steadier, showing a gradual increase from near exhaustion to the death zone.

Look Out HR

The elevation is obviously a bit more extreme than my usual running route as well but then it isn’t called mountain biking for nothing.

Swinley Forest is a fantastic spot for mountain biking, it has stunt areas, technical downhill, fast berms and plenty of singletrack and can almost be considered local to London (providing you have a car).

Look Out Elevation

6 thoughts on “MTB Champ?

  1. Phil

    That sounds just fantastic, cant wait to get my bike to do all that stuff. I am also trying to persuade the other half to sell my Garmin 201 and get one of those ones you have so i can do all those heart rate things. 🙂

  2. celeste

    Crikey, if that’s mountain biking then I’m not ready for it!!! I struggle on my little hills on an actual paved path! I’d spent too much time off the bike and pushing for me to enjoy it!!

  3. jogblog

    “it has stunt areas, technical downhill, fast berms and plenty of singletrack”

    Eh? Do you have to learn another language to ride a bicycle?

  4. Roads

    Sounds like a great day out, with the added thrill of a near-death experience.

    The weather has been great so I took a day out on the ekib along the (much flatter) Downs Link yesterday, with the aim of some much-needed training for London-Brighton and the Stratford sprint tri.

    The first 45 miles were just fine, despite some unexpected rain. The last 5 miles proved to be a totally different matter, however, as the final climb home ultimately assumed Alpe d’Huez-type proportions.

    With hindsight, the 2 pints of Stella Artois at the turnaround pub may well have proved a significant training error, but then we do all have to live sometimes …

  5. Kieren

    That mountain bike picture is excellent!

    Where’s the elevation graph from? Another gadget?

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