BPTT Update for 28th April

Cutting to the chase, I have to announce that my pb streak has come to an end.

I’m blaming the muesli.

I’ve just started keeping a food log on my trainingpeaks account which means I have to weigh everything before I put it on my plate. I tipped the recommended 50g of muesli into my bowl and decided the portion sizes must have been determined for kids (skinny ones at that) so I took it up to 75g. Then a stray raisin tipped over the edge taking it 78g so of course I had to continue to round the number off. Let me say, running on 100g of muesli is tough going!

5km in 34:30

13 thoughts on “BPTT Update for 28th April

  1. Dr Nutrition

    Surely you have to blame the eater and not the eated for not getting a PB?

  2. warriorwoman Post author

    What?! Who is this Dr Nitrition? Eat less run faster – no it cannot be. Surely I can get a sub 30 min pb with the judicial purchase of go faster gadgets?

  3. celeste

    Like 34.30 is NOT fast!! Let me just say it is, again, a mighty impressive time! Well done!!! (I remain green with jealousy.)

  4. kathy

    You eat muesli? I thought they just put it on the shelves in supermarkets so we could bask in the general idea that some people look after their health. I also thought people bought it so other people could see it in their shopping basket. I didn’t realise there were people who actually ate it.

  5. Dr Nutrition

    34.30 isn’t fast! It’s toward the very tail end of the results. The world record for 10k on the road is 27:04, now that’s fast! Very good club runners do 10k in 34 mins.

  6. Phil

    I have also started a food diary and got myself some good scales. Its shocking the amount of food and calories i thought i was taking. 2400 a day? no i was consuming about 3500, im glad i run 🙂

  7. Dr Nutrition

    Not fighting talk – just being truthful/honest rather than pretending for the sake of being nice.
    If a 2CV was the only car in existence it would be seen as fast thanks to relativity, but there are Ferraris and Aston Martins out there – so they are fast, and the 2CV cannot be classed as speedy.
    How fast am I? Consider myself a BMW M5 or above.

  8. Kate

    Muesli…eurgh. I’d have to stop every 20 yards to be sick! Somehow it only works for me in yoghurt, or I gag on the stuff!! Bananas seem to be the key to a good run in my experience.

  9. Eva


    I love my museli, but I’ve reduced the portion from 50g to 30g because it makes me feel sick and bloated if i have too much. Just working my way through your posts!

  10. JoggerBlogger

    LOL! sounds like when I was on the old weight watchers a few years ago – I couldn’t believe how many points a handful of cornflakes would cost… knocked them on the head and started eating a pan full of mushrooms (no points) every morning for brekkie 🙂 YUM.

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