Sluggish Ticker

No BPTT update for today.

I got up as planned, pushed the muesli to the back of the cupboard and opted for my new secret running weapon: the banana and hemp power smoothie. Packed bag, wired myself up with iPod and heart rate thingy and then grabbed my keys. On the way to the door Heisenberg seemed to enter my flat. I felt myself splitting as infinite pathways opened up before me. I’m sure there is supposed to be an infinite number of possible pathways but in truth I only saw two, one was heading in the direction of a warm soft bed and the other towards excessive physical exertion in some way off park. Sorry to say I followed my slob self back to bed. I’m hoping my sporty self might have managed her own way to Bushy Park so I’ll log on and check the results later, maybe it is truly possible to have a race run its self?

I couldn’t fall back to sleep anyway as all the wires kept digging into me, instead I opted to play around with my heart rate monitor. My resting pulse is normally about 60ish but today I was watching it drop beat by beat to 49! What the heck is happening? My immediate thought was that my god damn expensive watch was duff so I scrabbled around the floor for another gadget and corroborating evidence. My blood pressure monitor told me I had a bp of 100/63 and a pulse of 47. That’ll teach me to be so slob like, even my heart is sluggish today.

Dragged myself out of bed before the ole ticker decided to give up completely and dragged it around an 8k loop of the Thames.

9 thoughts on “Sluggish Ticker

  1. booyaa

    Wow looks like it’s been “mess around with HRM” day today. I’ve been out and about with mine all day. Although it’s starting to dig in now!

  2. warriorwoman Post author

    I’m tempted to monitor my HR for 24 hrs but the straps do start to irritate after a while.

  3. jogblog

    I bought a heart rate monitor training book but still haven’t got round to testing my resting and max heart rate.

    I always live in hope that races run themselves but I don’t think they do.

  4. Kieren

    Congrats on teh low resting heart rate 🙂

    Slower is better, unless it’s so slow it stops – thats not so good.

    If you haven’t been taking a reading every morning, it’s a good thing to do as it will give you an early warning of illness of over training if it’s a few beats over the norm. The Polar does all the working out for you but it needs about 2 weeks worth of results before it can predict over / under training

  5. Steve

    Congrats on a lowish hr, your training must be paying off. I’d worry though if it got to zero.

    Something else which you might find interesting. If you have a layoff of at least a 7-10 days then go for a run. You’ll probably notice that your hr readings will be slightly higher than a run during a running spell. Obviously compare it as best you can to runs of similar conditions.

  6. Hollywood

    None of this “congrats on the low resting heart rate” cr@p from me.

    Can’t believe you didn’t get out there and run!

    As punishment I shall add some words to assist with your Google search terms: Warrior Women in Pantyhose, especially with pink velvet revealing their thighs.

    Now get out there and do some running, or I’ll add some more text!

  7. warriorwoman Post author

    Now how come my spam filter didn’t block that message? Useless!

    And whats this about pink velvet, are you revealing some strange fetish?

  8. rachel

    I have such a bad hangover this morning and so the idea of creeping back into bed appleals to me – so i sympathise with you on that. You deserve to have a duvet day. You don’t want to run yourself down. You can tell that I’m the one that doesn’t do ‘fitness’. lol What should your heart rate be anyway??

  9. warriorwoman Post author

    Ey up Rach
    You would normally say that with heart rate, the lower the better, but then that does depend whether the cause is down to your exemplary fitness levels or imminent heart failure. The former being more of a cause for celebration.

    The older you get the slower your heart beats too which is probably the reason for mine dropping recently, as you know I am getting on a bit now. Grey hairs and everything.

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