Yorkshire Puddin

Missed yet another BPTT today as I was away on “family business”. Didn’t stop me running though. Dad dropped me off at Bridlington beach and my task was to get myself back home before my mum had vacated the bathroom.

Its odd running oop north. Absolutely everyone I passed said hello to me. I have a tendency to stop breathing when I approach another human so they don’t hear my wheezing and assume me to be from the ultra unfit club. Jolly hard to squeeze out pleasantries when you’re half asphyxiated.

I’ve had a pretty naff week as far as running is concerned so I was glad to get out and test myself. The last km was was a relieving downhill stretch that enabled me to clock a delightful 6 min/km pace. I love that pace, it really feels like running. Just need to keep it up for a whole 10k’s and I’ll be overjoyed.


I managed to inflame my patellar tendon again though and ended the run limping. I’m struggling to climb steps and deal with hills so hopefully tomorrows tri is pancake flat.

Oh grief, tomorrow is so close now. My flat is strewn with little sporty piles, I don’t know where to put it all now. I wonder if it is a bit naff to turn up at transition with a wheelie suitcase.

4 thoughts on “Yorkshire Puddin

  1. celeste

    Good luck tomorrow!!!! Look after that patellar – that’s the damn beastie that has kept me from running for SEVEN WEEKS now. Ice, ice, ice.

    I am soooooo looking forward to your race report!

  2. Steve

    So, the Bushy Park Time Trial (sounds very English) is every Saturday, I wish that was the case for my club’s monthly 5 km event. At least you can miss a couple but still run quite a few of them.

    Good luck for tomorrow.

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