Chuckles Like Muttley

Stratford 220 Sprint Triathlon
400 metre Swim – 23 kilometre Cycle – 5 kilometre run

Did I give the impression I was apprehensive about this tri-affa-lon thingy?

‘Twas a piece of cake and an absolute buzz to boot! My legs are killing me but I have had such a great day and I didn’t have to strip off in public once! I’ve been beaming all day.

I really didn’t think I was going to make it. My mum was suggesting I ought to throw a sickie and I was seriously tempted! Then I hired a Streetcar which hadn’t been filled with petrol and found myself coasting down the M40 in dire need of a petrol station – the car literally conked out as I pulled up at the pump. I had a bit of moral support though as Shakti decided to come along with me and that really does make all the difference, along with all the positive messages sent my way via the blogosphere – thanks so much folks!

In the end I arrived safely in Stratford but I was still near shaking with fear as I allowed someone to scrawl some number on assorted parts of my body. I think this number will have to become part of my life now, it is practically tattooed into my flesh! Still, I’m prepared to live with it, I felt such a pro walking out of that hall with my arm suitably tagged.

I didn’t actually get round to drawing up a transition list but I did stay awake til 3.30am “visualising” and the result of this was pure exhaustion when my alarm went off at 5.30 but a hassle free transition – you takes your choices.

I snook off to the start of the swim in my tracky bottoms and t-shirt and it was here that life started getting a bit more comfortable for me. Everyone in the 59 min estimate zone was terrified. There were even tales of people vomiting. Nothing like a bit of terror to make people chatty and nothing like other peoples fear and paralysis to make me feel cool, calm and collected!


The swim went like a dream, never mind 59 mins – when I popped out of the other end my declared time was 7 mins and something. Woohoo! Great start and now on to the bit I was looking forward to.

It was raining, but as an all weather commuter I think this acts in my favour. I’m also a seriously competitive biker! I had a blast but in the end I had a bit of a too and fro with a woman who finally got the better of me. You can’t draft in triathlon so you either have to overtake or drop right back, a shame as I think we were well matched for a bit of mutual support. I finished in just under 50 mins, I think. The approximate times are due to my complete incompetence with todays gadget of choice, the polar RS800SD. I’m hoping that the 220 guys are going to release official times soon so that I can actually see how I did against the pack.


The run was slow and seriously slippy but at least it was flat and so didn’t cause my knee any bother. I found it difficult to get in my stride, my hamstrings were really tense after the bike slog. I’m used to running after riding but maybe the intensity and distance made all the difference, it all felt quite peculiar. There was a great atmosphere on the run, the double loop meant you passed the same people at least twice and there was plenty of positive banter flowing. The marshalls were great too.

My time for the run was around 35 mins so now I just need to find out the overall time to get an idea of how efficient the transitions were.

I finished before the worst of the weather hit but those starting after me had a terrible time of it. Rodeogirl set sail through an absolute torrent that didn’t let up til it was all over. Didn’t seem to dampen anyone’s spirit though and it made those hot showers at the end so much more delightful.

Just need to book myself into the next one now!

10 thoughts on “Chuckles Like Muttley

  1. jogblog

    Well done! Sounds like you really enjoyed yourself, it shines through in your report ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. celeste

    I agree with jogblog! It sounds like you had a blast! Congratulations! So triathlons are not so scarey after all??? Hmmmmmm I might have to bear that in mind……

    Love the photo of you running! You must have just SPED past the camera! Well at 35 minutes, I’m not surprised the shot was missed! LOL at your 59 minute estimation of a 7 minute swim!!

  3. deege

    Well done, sounds like you had a ball. Can you post the distances again so that we know what we are talking about?

  4. booyaa


    Go you!

    Next you’ll be doing those adventure days… or quadathlons where you have to fight a big bear at the end of the run… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Rodiogirl

    It was wicked wasn1t it WW. Dont know how you managed the 5k in 35 mins after everything else. My run was a shuffle Heh heh.

    Well done,


  6. James

    Well done on your first triathlon… Welcome to the club, you will soon find yourself addicted.. You should get yourself entered into the Thames Turbo Race 4, as it is in your neck of the woods, with the run being around the very familar surrounds of Bushy park. Click here and get yourself entered it is a brilliant race..


  7. warriorwoman Post author

    I don’t think the photo reflects my speed, its more likely the result of the muddy conditions and my photographer losing her footing mid snap.

    What sort of adventure race requires you to grapple with a bear? I’m intrigued.

  8. Hollywood

    7 minutes something for the swim?!


    Well done – get the next one signed up!

    And… next time find some more yellow clothing!

  9. kathy

    Congratulations on completing your first triathlon. Looking forward to hearing about the next one.

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