Pancake Flat

I’ve been playing around with google earth trying to get some snazzy topographic viewpoints but even after I’ve discovered the button to exagerate the vertical displacement even my hilliest of routes look flat.

Here is an example of my assorted Broadmoor routes, where my max ascent must top a whopping 35 metres!

Broadmoor Topography

I then stumbled across a blog that explained my problem – my routes actually are as flat as a pancake. Check out the elevation profile for the run Krissy is currently contending with – is that crazy or what??? How can you run up a 3000m ascent and then continue going for 50 miles? Nuts!

Talking of nuts, has anyone caught the new advert for snickers, with B.A. Baracas? Coooool.

4 thoughts on “Pancake Flat

  1. jogblog

    I haven’t seen the advert, but Snickers aren’t veggie any more. I’m gutted 🙁

  2. jogblog

    They were but now along with Twix, Celebrations, Bounty and others, Mars have chosen to put animal rennet in their chocolate from 1 May. Bizarre. Someone mentioned it on the Runner’s World forum about a week ago so I investigated and it’s true. I’ll have to stick to Peanut Butter KitKat Chunky. Shame.

  3. nattie

    hi there, thanks for stopping by my leona divide 50 mile report. you are right: i barely ate during the race. i barely eat during any race…. i usually cannot stomach solids… i drink a lot and i eat lots of fruit (whenever it’s available!), but can’t seem to eat much. to counteract this problem, i recently started using hammer’s “perpetuem” drink, which is a complete nutrition drink for endurance sports. it has serious calories, carbs, protein and some fat. it tastes like a vanilla-orange milkshake and goes down easy during runs. as for water consumption, i usually don’t measure how much i drink, but i am “always drinking”. i drink at least 22oz between aid stations (typically 3-6 miles), but sometimes more if it’s too hot, or it’s a tough climb, etc… i typically use 1/2 succeed caps per aid-station.
    wow, shocked about the candy bar deal!!!
    take care,

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