BPTT Update for 19th May

Not much to report on the running front this week, it’s all been quite a struggle. Deege explains the runners eternal battle with the mind body dichotomy better than I ever could. I’m afraid to say that while Deege managed to win her battle, I just bailed. Out on my long run my body started grumbling and managed to convince me that it was only 2 km away from self-destruction. Strangely, that happened to be the exact distance between my disintegrating body and my front door, so thats where I took it. Long run turned into the shortest run this year – pants!

I went to Bushy Park yesterday but I didn’t even manage a run there. It was my turn for volunteering. Great job that, I can imagine it catching on, and I got an event t-shirt for my new page. It’s quite good fun watching sweaty, staggering blokes struggling to remember their names as they come to register their finishing positions.

Front of pack

It’s also quite impressive to watch the start from the front, I thought I was going to get gathered up in the stampede and carried to a new pb along with my laptop. I might try plonking myself at the front next time I run and see how far I get before I actually have to start running.

Photo by Rodiogirl

So a frail running week but I have been building back up with the cycling, managed 100 k this weekend. After BPTT my intention was to conduct a reccy of the Thames Turbo Triathlon bike route. I must have taken the wrong exit out of the park as it took me 6 k to find the start at Hampton Outdoor pool. I never manage to find that place I think they shift it each time I visit, which wouldn’t be too much trouble at all.

Great route, jolly scenic and all that, just need to remember to turn left as you pass the Southwark and Vauxhall waterworks. I think thats what its called – crazy name considering its in Sunbury.


I cut the route a bit short as I was caught short and I was miles from home. I think I’ll try and get the full route sorted next weekend, if I can find the pool a bit sooner.

Here’s the official route map, nicked from the Thames Turbo race pack. Still two more left this season I think.


9 thoughts on “BPTT Update for 19th May

  1. rodiogirl

    Hi WW,

    It is fun volunteering isn`t it. Your blogg was very humerous this week. I did chuckle.
    Glad I didn`t join you for the bike ride around the Thames Turbo route. My sense of direction is rubbish!!! I prob wouldn`t have found the carpark to get home after.


  2. Steve

    Your post didn’t seem to ring true. You mentioned something about an outdoor pool. An outdoor pool and England just don’t seem to mix, it’s just not right. If it is an outdoor pool, please tell me it’s heated…….

    I’ve yet to do volunteer duties for my club’s monthly 5 km handicap, I think I’m marked down for August.

  3. jeanne

    Nice work all around! did you say ONLY 100K?? put 100 in front of anything and that’s LONG for me.

  4. celeste

    I’m with jeanne – 100km??? Holy cow!! I give myself a big pat on the back if I manage 20!!! And don’t worry too much about the false start run – at least you got started, so it’s not a motivation issue, it’s a body-rest issue. So body-rest!

  5. Hollywood

    If you’re ever looking for a fast extension to the Thames Turbo Chertsey loop, then head right at the far roundabout, then keep bearing left into Staines, then head over the bridge at Staines and then keep left again back along the quiet dual carriageway past Thorpe Park, then back through Chertsey over the bridge returning to the roundabout where you started – it’s a good road surface, has very few traffic lights and is about 8-9 miles of speedy riding!

    Also… have you signed up for any more tri’s yet? What about getting the kit – http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/forum/forummessages.asp?dt=4&UTN=104690&last=1&V=6&SP= 😉

  6. No wetsuit girl

    Stationary objects get moved around on you too?! And here I was thinking that I just had no sense of direction. I can’t tell you how relieved I am to hear that this happens to other people and I’m not crazy or stupid! Now tell me, when home is 2km away, do those 2k get longer too… maybe even enough to fill the whole distance that you cut out? Let me tell you, that happens to me just as much as floating buildings!

  7. kathy

    Enjoyed your blog and love the new page. I am collecting event shirts that don’t fit me yet! It’s either that or I just can’t cope with the way they cling to my wobbly bits. Sigh. Still, one of these days.

    Good on you for volunteering. Where would we runners be without all the people who volunteer for events?

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