Handlebar GPS Thingumy

A whole new commuting challenge lies ahead of me. My new job is flippin miles away, just teetering on the edge of the metropolis called Greater London. If I lose my balance I’m liable to stumble into the central reservation of the M25.

GPS Bike Thingy

Thought I better take a ride out today to check out my route – don’t want to turn up both sweaty and late on Tuesday.

It’s a heck of twisty, turny trail that’s gonna take me forever to memorise, luckily I have a host of GPS gadgets in my bottom drawer or I think I’d still be out there shredding my paper map in a fit of frustration. Todays choice of handlebar thingumy is the GPSMap 60C, a pretty cool mapping device, that lets you get completely lost, confident in the knowledge that you can just follow a trail of dots back to your house. I always come very close to death when I ride with this though, I spend too much time chasing the arrow on the screen and too little time checking what the other nutters are doing on the roads.

Total round trip comes out at just over 26 miles, which means, if I want to stay in the running commute club, I’ll have to build myself up to half marathon distance pretty sharpish. Good grief.

One thought on “Handlebar GPS Thingumy

  1. No wetsuit girl

    So those thingy-ma-nuggets work, huh? I usually wind up just having to stay home when I know I’m going to get lost. It sure is boring. You go out there and you go get ’em. Practice your “You almost just ran me over, motherf$*%er!” face in the mirror before you leave the house though. You can’t memorize routs, but how are you at memorizing license plates?

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