BPTT Update for 26th May

I tried to capture the essence of todays stampede but I just ended up getting in the way and the movie ends as the camera gets knocked out of my hands. Don’t you just hate home movies anyway?

After the run (that I didn’t do – again), I went off on the bike in search of hills.

Box Hill 2

Looks like I found one.

I just stopped halfway up to let those lot catch up and took the opportunity to take in the views – not my breath, in case you were wondering.

I’m not a fan of hills but I’ll definately be back again, as just round the corner from here is the bestest ever cake shop. My eyes were bulging out of their sockets at the massive, sweet, treacley delights on offer. Certainly worth the effort and the bonus prize is finally a route that warrants the terrain feature in google earth.

Box Hill Terrain

My homicidal GPS thingumy didn’t let me down either, before I knew it, the blinkin thing had directed me onto the slip road of the M25. I had to hit my max speed of the day, 36mph, trying to get myself back on course, which in this case meant the middle of a particularly hairy dual carriageway, before the huge truck barrelling along behind me, forced me to reach even greater speeds. I didn’t enjoy that one bit, shame I didn’t have my heart rate monitor on as I’m sure it would have recorded a new panic induced max.

Total distance: 75km (46.6 miles)

12 thoughts on “BPTT Update for 26th May

  1. XFR Bear

    Hey I was at BPTT yesterday – and regularly do the Box Hill ride (and indeed enjoy the cake shop!).

    Are you local – would eb good to have company for bike rides and stuff 🙂

  2. celeste

    Did you seriously ride 75km today??? You are soooo far out of my league I feel quite ridiculous. I concede to your clear and apparent superiority.

  3. Roads

    Ah, Box Hill. That’s quite a climb, Angela.

    There’s another cracker of a hill on the other side of the A24 up to Polesden Lacey. It makes a good loop if you carry on over the pass to Bookham.

    Another alternative is to carry on another mile or two south, turn right at the traffic lights before Dorking Deepdene station and try the monster up to Ranmore Common.

    Once you’ve slogged you way up there, you can turn right at the top past the church, and then work your way back to West Humble or Bookham.

    That’s always assuming that you don’t decide to bail out for a tasting at the Denbies Vineyard instead. It’s the biggest in the whole of England.

  4. warriorwoman Post author

    For some strange reason I forgot to take a photo of the cakes, I’ll remedy this next time. Looks like I’m getting a few more route suggestions, so no excuse not to ride by again.

    Roads, I was getting to the end of your comment just searching for cake references because I don’t do hills without rewards. Then I saw the mention of the vineyard – could make for an interesting return journey.

    I didn’t actually think Box Hill was too bad a climb. It would have been impossible for me had it been a straight up road but the huge zigzags helped me a lot. There was a tiny stretch of Tott Hill that took more out of me. Not sure I want to get acquainted with all the monsters Surrey has to offer until I get myself a triple.

  5. Hollywood

    It’s true – Bear does regularly go up Box Hill – about once a year 😉

    Agree with Roads that the hill on the other side of the A24 is far worse – I only did it once (and that was enough!)

    To avoid that dual carriageway under the motorway, it’s better to head via Leatherhead town center – there are a few very slow lights but the route is much quieter.

    Here’s my map and I’ve emailed you a description – http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=781475

    Also on the way home, I think it’s much nicer to do the “Ballbuster loop” instead of going back down the dog-leg – this includes the excellent fast “Lodge Bottom Road”.

  6. XFR Bear

    I volunteer to go and get a picture of every single type of cake, and report back on how good they taste too 🙂

  7. warriorwoman Post author

    Oh good point joggerblogger, thats not altogether appealing. Unlike the triple vodka.

  8. Suzan

    My 11 year old son and his friend ran BPTT last week (they claim!) and you can use their cunning plan to solve your camera problem. They began the race hiding in the hollow tree stump behind the coffee caravan! Apparently they wanted to know if the ground really shook. It did!

    They then claim to have got out and run the race but jury is still out!

    But hide in there and you could get some great shots – if two small boys will give you room!

  9. Paul

    Like the short video clip particularly the women with her pram/pushchair belting along.

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