Nokia N95 ‘Running’ Review

I propose that the Nokia N95 is the essential runners phone – check out my review on the gadgets page and come back with counter suggestions if you think I haven’t proved my case.

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  1. Well they paid me to take it out of the shop so I can’t really complain. The tariff is a bit steep for someone who doesn’t like chatting on the phone though. I’m taking it on a running commute tonight and I’ve forgotten my iPod so it will have a good test.

  2. I briefly checked the N95 out the other day and is the same size as my Nokia 6280. Here in Oz it’s about the $1000 mark, a bit on the steep side. I carry my 6280 on all my runs, usually in my back pocket. If taking the phone out on runs one thing to watch for is moisture. I put my 6280 in for repair as I believe moisture infected the keypad as I couldn’t activate the bottom three keys. The phone was under warranty so it didn’t cost me for fixing.

    When I say I checked it out, I was only checking the physical dimensions.

  3. I always carry mine in a little plastic sandwich bag as I have to admit that life get’s a bit humid in my pocket after a couple of miles.

  4. ahh yes – ascent – looks great. the mac needs to be 10.4 or higher though … mines a 10.3 op system powerbook…. i cant really justify a garmin and a new mac just yet.

  5. I got my N95 on Friday and I’m rather chuffed with it. The GPS is a bit slow (like the Blackberry 8800), but I think this is cause they opted for a cheap non SIFR variety of GPS. Have you installed Sports Tracker yet? It’s never going to replace the Garmin Forerunner series, but it’s pretty groovy!

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