Recovery Drinks

My long run in the Road to GNR program was booked in for tonight, so of course that means one of those grotty running commutes. My requirement was for 8 miles. I’m still unsure why I set my plan in miles when I can only run in kilometres, on either scale it meant I had to run past the accidental bus stop. Quite a struggle.


Three quarters of the way home I ran out of water. Plain ole drinking water is a bit of premium in the UK at the moment, it has reached prices in the region of Ā£15 per litre in some of the flood hit areas. Given my tight budget I thought tonight was the time to try Lucozade Sport.


It played havoc with my intestines, what a sickly drink. I struggled a bit with the bottle as well. Its clearly a good design in some respects as it doesn’t leak at all even with the cap off and a bit of vigorous shaking but I found imbibing fluid to be a struggle. The first squeeze sent a high powered jet of gloop to the back of my throat. My soft pallete hadn’t been forewarned about the incoming missile and so half made its way into my trachea, by the time my throat swung into action the bottle decided to splutter and give up a bolus of high pressure gas, straight to the oesophagus this time.

No wonder I felt ill. Maybe I could skip running training and just spend the next 9 weeks teaching myself how to drink. Anyway, the upshot is, I discarded the sports drink outside my local Stella shop and opted instead for my favourite recovery tipple. Who needs chocolate milk.

Total kilometrage was 11.55, I believe that is slightly short of 8 miles but you can’t shake Stella so that had to be my limit. Plus, the fumes along the A4 are so intense that I’m almost running on pure carbon monoxide, which in my mind equates to everest style altitude training sessions where 11.55 km = more than 8 miles sea level running. Yes?

12 thoughts on “Recovery Drinks

  1. XFR Bear

    I can easily convert it to km if that helps šŸ™‚

    That’s good going considering you had a hangover. My 10 mile PB was done still pissed from the night before – just wodner what I might have done sober and with more than 1.5 miels sleep šŸ˜‰

    Orange lucozade is sickly, the lemon one is better but best of all for non-sickliness is the berry one if you are going to try it.

    There’s plenty of other nicer ones though – personally I like the High 5 ones

  2. jogblog

    I was wondering when I was going to get to read a training post. I would advise avoiding the treadmill šŸ™‚

    I’d also advise avoiding Stella but I reckon that would fall on deaf ears šŸ™‚

  3. JoggerBlogger

    Stella must be better for you than energy drinks!

    šŸ˜‰ never try them gels – they made me ill half way round the robinhood last year.

  4. warriorwoman Post author

    Well I may have to try the gels at least once – I was given a free one with my tan tendon tautener.

    No stella today!

  5. XFR Bear

    Joking apart – high carbon monoxide levels do impair the blood’s ability to carry oxygen, so in a way it is like altitude training šŸ™‚

  6. Suzan

    I swear by the jelly beans sold as energy boosts – got me round a 10K in 63min with a smile! Plus v easy to carry. Give them a go on your BPTT return.

  7. Kieren Geaney

    That’s good going. Running along the A4 is pretty uninspiring and monotonous so running on it for any distance deserves a well done as far as I’m concerned šŸ™‚

    Lucozade sent me a caffine drink in the post – I’m benchmarking it this Saturday against water and repeating over the next 6 weeks at BPTT to put them to the test.

  8. warriorwoman Post author

    I was given a red bull just before the British 10k and although its pretty disgusting I did have an amazingly comfortable run. I’ve now switched to cheap Tesco brand and drink it before every long run. It will be interesting to see what your comparisons show Kieren.

  9. No Wetsuit Girl

    Some of those sports drinks are sooo-oooo yucky!!! And don’t even get me STARTED on gels! Good thing you had Stella to bail you out of your fluid-depleted state! Have you ever heard of the Beer Mile? Wanna do it with me someday?

    Great workout. Definitely NOT a pussy run (and I’m pretty sure that the miles are shorter when you convert from km. I’m sure you hit your goal).

  10. Ludwig

    Stick with the chocolate milk, it’s far superior to any sports drink and it tastes really good with Krispy Kreme Donuts, which by the way are also good fro training. There’s surely an article somewhere on the web that says so, no?

  11. TD

    Goodness that’s an expensive price for water. I generally found the UK more expensive than Australia, and the recent floods must be contributing to higher prices in some economic sectors as well.

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