Tag You’re It!

Oh dear, I’ve been had, EatDrinkWoman tagged me the other day and although I did my best to ignore it, I now notice that Kathy got in on the act and tagged me too. Clearly no escape, I have to answer a list of questions, boring you all senseless in the process and then make folk like JogBlog and NoWetsuit Girl repeat the chore – I’m sure they’ll love it.

Jobs I’ve Held: Newspaper gal, fruit picker, sandwich maker, factory worker, care assistant, packer, merchandiser, van driver, supply chain assistant, SBO analyst, SBO manager, data analyst, web master, personal tutor, management accountant. A little eclectic selection of jobs many of which all of which have been carried out between studies. So in addition I’ve been a medical student, a chemistry undegrad and a postgrad astrochemist.

Movies I Can Watch Over & Over: None, I can’t imagine anything more torturous than watching a film I’ve already seen. I might come back to this though, there is perhaps something I’d be prepared to watch again. I’ve been to see the musical Blood Brothers 3 times if that counts?

My Guilty Pleasures: Gadgets and Stella, and for a very guilty pleasure I might combine gadgets, stella and a box set of the L Word – joy for a week!

Places I have lived (in order): Aldershot, Cyprus – Larnaca & Limassol, Bridlington, Sheffield, Nottingham, London

Shows I enjoy: L Word, Desperate Housewives, The Apprentice

Places I Have Been on Holiday: Good grief, I can’t imagine anyone would be interested in this stuff! Cyprus, N. Spain, S. Spain, Portugal, France, Austria, Italy, Germany, Switzerland (I know, I should have just put W. Europe and be done with it), San Francisco, Madeira, Borneo

Favorite Foods: Chilli, Spag Bol, Curry, chilli prawns, listen I’m salivating now and this list could go on for ages, how about we say I like every type of food except Celery!

Websites I Visit Daily: The pages that open automatically on my browser are: admin pages for my blog, iGoogle,Bloglines which then leads me to read as many of your updated blogs as I can manage, Flickr, Facebook, Runnersworld and PhysicsDiet. I couldn’t live without Bloglines and facebook though.

Body Parts I Have Injured: Skin and right side from hip to toe. Nothing to really moan about though.

Awards I’ve Won: got a few judo medals in my prime and the odd consolation academic award

Nicknames You’ve Been Called: Deathwish, warriorwoman and Wolfie – take your pick!

8 thoughts on “Tag You’re It!

  1. Betsy

    I PROMISE this will be the only time I tag you. I’m sure this is like receiving one of those horrid chain letters where you have to send it on to 10 other people within 5 minutes of reading it or your life will be ruined forever. But since this was the first time I was tagged, I thought I’d comply. Thank you for playing!

  2. jogblog

    I don’t really have to do this do I? I’m going to sound incredibly dull. Can I make stuff up to make me sound more interesting?

  3. warriorwoman Post author

    Oh good, I knew you’d like it!
    And of course you have to do it, I wonder if lying on your favorite food section will actually make you seem more exciting?

  4. kathy

    I was curious to see if you’d do this or not. I hate doing these by email, but I quite like them on blogs – no idea why.

    I mentioned at dinner with the running girls tonight that I’d been tagged and didn’t have any interesting injuries to report, and ended up hearing some horror stories. I’m glad to be boring!

  5. jogblog

    And because you pulled me up on my spelling of “chili”, I’m going to have to pull you up on the typo in the title. Unless you really have tagged your it. Whatever an it is.

  6. No wetsuit girl

    Ugh! I was already “tagged” on this, and I’ve got it all done, sitting there, waiting to be posted but haven’t been able to bring myself to do it. It’s cool to see what other people are like outside their exercise worlds, but not so much me. Ugh, alright, you win.

    I’m not going to ask you what “packer” means. My mind goes in a couple of different directions, and neither of them are something that I would admit to on the internet ;).

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