Gyro 10k

Isn’t it lovely when the powers that be decide to organise a running event slap bang on your doorstep? I was still luxiariating in my bubble bath as registration was opening, which has got to beat bouncing up and down with a fitness first instructor as a way to warm up…… mmmm let me see….. aerobics or radox muscle soak?

The start of the race was tucked away across Barnes Bridge in the well hidden Civil Service sports club. I arrived and immediately started worrying about my inevitable back of the pack placing. This was a small race, maybe 240 which doesn’t bode well for company in the longer distance races, not that I’m fussed about being last as such, but I would rather not finish 30 mins after the rest of the pack.

Gyro 10k

So, I started the race bringing up the rear and held onto that coveted spot right the way to first km marker where our first run/walker showed her strategy. I passed her, which immediately triggered a 10 second comeback, she passed me and stopped to walk again less than 5 metres in front of me, so I passed her again, she put on a little spurt and fell back to a walk about 4 metres in front of me. Now, I have nothing against run/walk as a race strategy but it does wind me up quite a bit to be someone’s repeated trigger, can’t you use a tree or a lamppost? I was wondering if I could possibly handle this too and froing for the next 9km but she never made another comeback after the 5th passing. The first psychological battle was won but now I had to worry that she’d actually quit the race, she can’t quit or I’ll be back to last place again!

I had an atrocious run last night, a planned 5k route that degenerated into a 1k run and 2.5k sulky walk, so I wasn’t sure what to hope for today. I set my garmin virtual partner for a 75 min target but at every check I seemed to be gaining distance on my plan. It took me about 10 mins of mental arithmetic to work out that I was actually on target for time close to my pb – 72 mins and something. I couldn’t remember what that something part was though and anyway I had my garmin set up so that I couldn’t read the seconds after it ticked past the hour.

In the latter half of the run I managed to pass a few more runners who had dropped right off their original pace and I crossed the line in 72 mins and something, I just had to wait for the official results to see if a pb was recorded.

gyro 10k

Triathlon World Championships Hamburg

It was a pretty good event, all the entry fee went towards Sport Aid, the t-shirt wasn’t too bad and they had a bbq at the end – a bbq with beer no less. Talking of beer, I caught the highlights of the world championship triathlon held in Hamburg, did anyone else see the huge glasses of beer the podium winners were given? There must have been about 10 yards of ale in those buckets.

Oh yeah, and they had chip timing, with the results piped down the phone line within 2hrs of finishing.
Official time: 1:12:23
11 flippin secs short of my pb and I could have had those 11 seconds if I’d been a bit more organised.

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GNR Weekly summary Wk 7/10

Mon: nowt
Tue: nowt
Wed: 42 km bike
Thur: 42 km bike
Fri: 5 km run
Sat: 3.5 km run/walk disaster
Sun: 10 km run (race)

4 thoughts on “Gyro 10k

  1. No wetsuit girl

    “Training through”, my dearie, “training through”. We can’t be at our best pace all the time. And let me tell you, there are run/walkers everywhere! I swear, if you’re going to pass at a 3 minute mile (that’s ummm 5 sec/km I think) just to get by me and then stroll along, then you might as well just run faster the whole flippin’ way! Pussies! Feel superior to your competiton, it sounds like a great race! Consistant with PB, oh so many people behind you… Your half marathon will be the best race of your LIFE!

    Note to self: IM World Championships 2008: 10 gallon tubs of beer, I could beat out anyone out there to that podium and drink their suds before they even finish the race! WW and NWSG, beer mile records, here we come!

  2. kathy

    I’m one of those dreaded run / walkers although my running time is increasing steadily. When I’m in run / walk mode I try to run for x mins, walk for 1. The x is getting bigger and bigger, which I’m pleased about.

    I know what you mean about being worried about coming last. I love finishing in front of somebody. Anybody. I’d pull a spectator in to run over the line behind me!

    Love your warmup. Way to go.

  3. Joggerblogger

    Well done on beating the jogwalker 😀

    Running around Canary Wharf was nice the other morning (better than the treadmill the night before).

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