I managed to fit in a fantastic brick session last night.

I typically arrive home from my longish cycle commute feeling pretty jaded and a little less than motivated for an additional run but this weeks tube strike didn’t leave me with any options if I was going to stick to my schedule. So, before I left work I overdosed on faux red bull (ultra cheap tesco’s version) and had another shot when I made it home. Fantsatic stuff, I made it in and then out of the door again, kitted with garmin and running shoes within 15 mins, still full of beans.

I hoped for an 8-miler but the night was clawing it’s way towards me rapidly and as I was in the middle of Richmond Park it seemed prudent to cut the run short. I had my cycle escort but she was fretting terribly about the impending gloom so there was no bravery associated with numbers. Shame, because I love being in the park as the night sets in. First the cars vanish as the gates get locked up and then the bikers take over the roads, two and three abreast, fighting for the glory of the finish line. Stacks of single runners mingle with white arsed rabbits and the deer seem to get extra frisky as they regain control of the land.

Sunset Richmond Park

This snap is heavily photoshopped – the N95 doesn’t seem to handle dusky shots anywhere near as well as the D900, oh well. Take it from me, it was beautiful and considerably darker than the shot suggests. After the abortive photo attempt I had another little stint at 6 min/km, I understand this is sloooooow for many but for me its feels supa faaaast, hands gripping the steering wheel and foot twitching over the brake kinda fast. Admittedly I was going down hill and clinging on to the back of the bike but my legs were still spinning manically. I like speed – must consider doing something about it.

9 thoughts on “Brickfast

  1. Steve

    I wouldn’t mind doing these brick sessions but I spend enough time running as it is and I think I would be pushing it with the misses if I did.

  2. celeste

    A belated congrats on the 10km run. Sounds like a fab effort! Well done!!! See? It’s the CYCLING!!!

  3. londonjogger

    ‘stacks of single runners mingle with white arsed rabbits and the deer seem to get extra frisky as they regain control of the land’

    what a lovely picture you have painted for us here… sounds a little different to my local park to say the least!

  4. Roads

    Ah – running as the sun goes down. My favourite, exactly.

    It’s what running’s all about, not least because I’ll avoid 6am outings whenever I can.

    Glad to see the GNR training is still going strong. Not long to go now. Attagirl !

  5. warriorwoman Post author

    Well a brick session is triathlon speak for any workout involving either bike straight to run or swim to bike. Dunno if it includes other variations of the above. It is designed to replicate the specific challenges of the triathlon event but I personally find it a good test of discipline.

  6. TD

    That photo might be photoshopped but it is still a beautiful one and you do make running in Richmond Park sound like a real delight, which I am sure it is. I would love to go running there myself one day.

    I thought I would get caught out with that reference to the Yorkshire Moors on my blog. I haven’t actually been there but have read Wuthering Heights and have seen much footage of the Moors over the years. In a sense, and probably a metaphorical one, the conditions we experienced last Saturday during my run seemed to be similar to those conditions I had read about on the Moors. Perhaps I took too many liberties with the comparison and I need to be careful next time.

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