Gardening, Jumping and a Hint of Running

I’ve been a bit quiet over the last few weeks but fear not, I have kept up with the running. A lot of visitors have passed through the WW household recently, which tends to make training a chore but visitor no 1, Rach, always offers to be my fitness instructor for the duration of her stay. She shouted me around a full circuit of Richmond Park before her shouts turned into whines of “are we nearly there yet?” She also offered to join me for a night time assault of the park on her next visit, carrying the lights and assorted clobber on her bike. Looking forward to frightnight already.

Corn cob

I finally made my way to the top of an allotment waiting list so now my time will be split between running and digging.

After having spent 2 days trying to make an impact on the overgrown plot and suffering the inevitable gardeners aches and pains as a consequence I’m going to have to be careful to ease those muscles into to peak running fitness for d-day (13 days away now).

All allotment related trivia will be restricted to the new Earthwoman blog.

Third bit of news is running related, in a novelty gadget kind of way. A new purchase arrived today – a pair of Kangoo Jumps! These are running shoes with a difference.

Kangoo Jumps

They are built like a pair of ski boots but they have a rather strange spring like contraption on the sole which enables you to bound or bounce down the street kangaroo fashion. They look incredibly fun but on a practical front they also claim to reduce the joint impact of running by 80%. Given the state of my knee, anything that reduces impact is worth some consideration.

Unfortunately, along with all the excitement I seem to have developed a rotten cold so won’t be able to try them out straight away. Hopefully with two weeks to go til GNR I should have enough time to recover but it is going to play havoc with my training. I’d taken this week off to squeeze in a few long runs (and tackle the allotment/and play with my new boots) but now I may have to take it easy and dose up on vitamin C. Charity running carries a heck of a lot of pressure along with it, I’ll have to run regardless and 13 miles with a snotty nose will not be pleasant.

5 thoughts on “Gardening, Jumping and a Hint of Running

  1. jogblog

    An allotment? Cool, what are you going to grow?

    Er, you’re not really going to go out in public with those things are you?

  2. Rach

    Cool you’ve got the allotment sorted! Will expect some nice veg once you’ve got it all growing. I’ll send you a list of veg I like to eat. Get growing them now, it takes forever.
    Can’t wait to see you in your Jumps! Please post pics!! I haven’t hada laugh in a while

  3. warriorwoman Post author

    I’m gonna grow everything, or at least I will try to. High on my wish list are things like okra, asparagus peas, aubergine, kohl rabi, rocket and standard stuff as you’d expect.

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