It’s Christmas!

You should see the floor of my flat – tis littered with no end of exciting possibilities. I could of course take a snap and show you but then you’d see the truth, which involves an awful lot of boxes, wrapping and all those other things that I haven’t quite got round to putting away yet.

There are about 5 more months to go before I get thrown back into exam anxiety so in the meantime I’m needing a new project, that’s in addition to the running project and the allotment project which have ceased to be a new and have now slipped into the realms of “norm”. In times like these my fall back project always seems to be “teach yourself programming”, so here I am with a floor full of teaching manuals. The trouble with programming is the plethora of different languages out there, and then there are different variations of the same language like C, C+, C++ and C#, what is the novice supposed to make of it? As I can’t be bothered to research this too much I’ve opted to dabble with two languages at the same time: Python and VB.Net.

I’ve got python cos its free and sits nicely with computer that I just broke and accidentally forced into being a linux machine and VB.Net because that goes with my windows laptop and because Sporttracks, the best program ever (that I should have written) was developed in dotnet.

I’m sure no one is interested in all that but the other thing fighting for space on my floor is a little package that I’ve been asked to trial. Inside is a running rucsac the Salomon Raid Revo 20 and the latest Nokia N-carnation, the N82. What joy eh? I can see that I’ll have to go out and do a bit of running over the hols to try both of these gadgets out. Is it possible that the N82 could beat the N95 as running gadget par excellence?

The Raid Revo 20 is particularly welcome, I ordered the Inov8 Race Pro 18 ages ago but it seems to have been lost by the Royal Mail. I’ll try the salomon substitute tomorrow on my running commute and report back.

6 thoughts on “It’s Christmas!

  1. Kathy

    I haven’t bought any presents yet so my place is looking quite tidy. Later today it will be littered with Christmas paper, ribbon and all the other bits and pieces required to turn a pile of shopping into a plethora of gifts. I’m looking forward to heading out into the Christmas Eve crowds later this morning.

    Hope you have a lovely Christmas Day and good luck with the programming in the New Year.

  2. Steve

    Angela, I’m interested in all that sort of stuff, programming that is. I’ve completed 5 weeks of self-study re – C++ and probably not much study over the xmas/new year period. I will be interested to see how you go.

    One suggestion (or is this a question) why not have a look at Ruby. Apparently it’s billed as the next best thing since sliced bread.

  3. jogblog

    Ooh,a geek post, cool. I am jealous you got a Nokia to trial. You should go to the Girl Geek Dinners, you get free food and alcohol. Which isn’t why I go, honest.

  4. Speed Racer

    What do these gadgets do? For the first time I understood the COMPUTER language and didn’t know what you were talking about with the rest. But presents always sound exciting, especially when they have to do with electronics!

    Merry Christmas!

  5. H

    Hello – Happy New Year!

    Saw you briefly this morning – but I was in the wrong queue – soz!

    Us Geeks will inherit the earth – so good luck with the languages thing – Python is cool – and you can play with the brand new IronPython if you wanna mix Python with .NET. But why would a linux girl like you be playing with Microsoft?

    Did you make it to Knacker Cracker???

    Have a great 2008!

  6. warriorwoman Post author

    Hi H
    On researching the Knacker Cracker I discovered that not only were there hills but there were also stairs, and lots of em. I know stair races seem to be all the rage at the moment but I can’t stand em.
    Maybe next year.
    Happy New Year!

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