Death by Garmin

It’s true, my Garmin is trying to kill me. While the BBC are issuing warnings for the UK softies to stay indoors for fear of catching a chill in the forecast cold spell, my Garmin thinks it would be fun to give me hypothermia. It has me standing outside, scantily clad in running gear, hopping from foot to foot while it lethargically glances from one satellite to another. I wouldn’t mind so much but the N82 locked onto a signal from indoors, and I don’t mean indoors but dangling from out of a window either – I was in the basement changing room of the gym. How does it do that?

I’m sneezing now.

New Years Eve turned into a productive, if quite expensive, evening, I was stone cold sober as I’ve gone tee total-ish (6 out of 7 days) and I spent the evening scouring the net for interesting races. I’ve signed myself up for the next 6 months. The next biggy is the Wilmslow half marathon at the end of March, so just as I was feeling smug that Jogblog had to stick to a punishing 1/2 mara schedule, I find myself needing to get up close and personal to the weekly long slow run myself. Aargh!

Stella Artois

I signed up first and did my research later, which explains how I managed to enter a half marathon with a cut off time of 2:35:00. Flip! That also explains my rash decision to ditch the Stella, I don’t think I will knock 20 mins off my time through training alone, but surely life will be easier if I ditch a couple of stone by the wayside. I’m leaving 1 day of Stella in the mix to celebrate my weekly lsr, lets call it motivation.

11 thoughts on “Death by Garmin

  1. Speed Racer

    Oh my goodness, this MUST be serious! You’re taking a break from Stella?!

    I can’t wait to hear all about the marathon prep. I’m sure it’ll be buckets more fun reading about it than it will be training for it 🙂

    By the way, I took my mom’s Garmin through the tunnels of Boston (all the highways in the city are underground) and the thing never missed a beat, but it takes my wrist one 20 minutes to find a signal while I’m standing at my front door.

    Happy new year!

  2. Steve

    You poor thing, if you think that is bad, I have to attach my Garmin to the pool fence, wait for the signals to lock on and all this in 40 degree heat.

    The Wilmslow Half Marathon, is that Wilmslow up near Manchester, if so, it’s my old stomping ground from many years ago. Use to play squash around the corner at Alderley Edge.

  3. kathy

    Those satellites keep moving!

    I’m impressed that you’re giving up the Stella. That’s true commitment (six days out of seven).

    Good luck with the weight loss. I’m planning to lose some too – hopefully it will improve my run times too.

  4. jogblog

    Why is everyone giving up drinking this month? What other races have you got planned?

  5. Emma

    Yes my Garmin’s a right pain too.. have to leave it outside on the windowsill for 20 mins while I get ready to go (which luckily takes at least 20 mins by the time I’ve strapped all my other gadgets – iPods etc – to myself).

    Am impressed with giving up Stella…. I can’t seem to give up white wine…

  6. Bill

    Wow! I came across your site as I was contemplating getting a Garmin for myself! Now that I read you post and a couple of the comments, I’m wondering if that’s the best choice. I’d be finished with my run before the thing found a satellite!

    If you had the choice would you buy one again?

  7. warriorwoman Post author

    Nobody panic!

    This is just friendly banter with a beloved gadget.
    My garmin is no 1 gadget in my household and I would DEFINITELY buy one again, in fact I keep having to stop myself buying a 2nd one as they are such good value at the moment.
    If you like running, then I can see absolutely no excuse for not having one.

    Normally I leave mine propped on the window ledge before I leave the house, it picks it up fine and I don’t complain. I work deep inside a building at the moment so don’t have that luxury when I run home from work.

    Go ahead and buy it – you will not regret it.

  8. SK

    Why Why Why do you all do this >>>>???? How many times must you move you stupid blogs with shite hidden key etc etc etc ???

    you know who I am !

  9. Steve

    I’ve just checked out the Wilmslow Half Marathon site, entries are now closed, hope you got yours in on time. I was having thoughts about holidaying in UK, staying around Manchester and thought if I do then the Wilmslow Half would be a good run to run. That’s out of the question now if I do holiday.

    The UK trip is still just a thought at this time, haven’t mentioned it to the misses yet.

  10. warriorwoman Post author

    Thats a shame Steve, I got my entry in good and early so I have to do it.
    If you could be tempted to holiday in London instead you could do the new Royal Parks Half, entries haven’t opened yet but it looks like the most exciting event of the year:
    And you could come and try out one of our time trials!

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