Do I Need This?

What a question – of course I do!
Just check out the ring of light, how have I managed to live so long without it?

It’s not too clear how the new Garmin Forerunner 405 compares to our trusty friend the 305. Sure there are the beauty enhancements and some wizadry that enables wireless upload to the PC as you stagger in from the streets, but I want to know if the satellite reception is going to be improved. It is going to be hard to improve on the Forerunner 305 but speedy satellite lock on is the way to go.

I’m still having one though – just tell me when. I might even consider entering a good ole US event if it means I could get it earlier.

Here’s a link to an important FAQ on the new forerunner 405, I’m a little disappointed that Garmin didn’t take the opportunity to make some obvious improvements to the forerunner series. It’s waterproof rating is still only sufficient for coping with sweat and possibly splashing in a particularly shallow puddle. Why didn’t they fully waterproof this beast so that it could become the clear option for triathletes? As it is, swimmers are going to go elsewhere for their gadget fix or continue to shove the unit under their swimming caps.

I can’t pick out any functional improvements at all, it’s just in a different box – quite a pretty one though.

6 thoughts on “Do I Need This?

  1. Steve

    Thanks for the update on Garmin stuff. I’m still on the 301 and only a few weeks ago decided that I wouldn’t get the 305, that I’d wait for the next model. So now I’ll have to research the features it has or hasn’t got.

  2. Speed Racer

    I was just feeling like the cool kid for finally having the latest GPS technology, then you gotta shoot me down. The backlight feature and the size (and the fact that it’s got a watch feature, so you don’t have to wear a watch AND your garmin) look useful, but it looks like it would be hard to use. I’ve really only figured out how to use the stop/start button on mine.

    You could have one shipped to my house if you want and then I could send it to you, if you really need it that bad. Then again, who am I to dissuade you from coming stateside? I’ve heard that it’s cheaper for someone living in London to fly to New York for dinner than it is to have a nice dinner out in London. C’mon over!

  3. warriorwoman Post author

    Yeah it’s going to be hard to use, the touch rim thing is going to be set off by your sleeve, and your sweaty soggy fingers aren’t going to work but I still need it.

    I like the idea of it bypassing your place on the way to me – you can take it out for a spin and then I will have a super speedy workout on my logbook. Neat.

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