Gratuitous Naked Photo Post

For those folk that enjoyed the tale of the early morning wake up call by the nearly naked runner, here’s a quick update to show you that she still hasn’t learned her lesson.

Naked Shakti

I was out of the house early this morning as I was volunteering at the running (RPTT). My plan was to do a minor sweep of the neighbourhood collecting food scraps for the allotment compost bins so I rang Shakti to make sure her bin was at the front of the house as I passed. She was still sleeping and I obviously flustered her a bit. As I passed by with the trailer I found her hovering on her doorstep, wrapped in a towel and pushing on her firmly shut door.

At least she had the foresight to take a towel with her this time, you never know, she may take the house key next time. I refused to hand over my spare key til I had taken photographic evidence. It’s a tough life having a friend with a blog – no privacy.

One thought on “Gratuitous Naked Photo Post

  1. Speed Racer

    Aw, I can hardly see ANYTHING in that picture. Either way, that was my favoritest post ever. Does London have indecent exposure laws, because I could see a whole event coming out of this.

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