Sozzled after Stella

There seems to be a new and somewhat concerning military theme developing on this blog, not content to just run along with the US Marine Corps choir, yesterday I decided to head out and run with the SAS. That’s SAS as in Sweet as Swans rather than Special Air Service but it’s almost the same thing.

Jogblog introduced me to the concept of running with a friendly drinking group and if you’ve seen her post on last weeks SAS run, you may notice a tiny little difference between her route map and mine.

Running with the SAS


What can I say? They run too fast and I was tired.

Actually they ran very slowly but I was still tired and holding people back is such a pressure and they weren’t running through the park and so they missed the great swan photo opportunity and my way was quicker and the pub was waiting.

I’ll be back next week and attempt a slightly longer short cut, and I’ll bring my own milk – £4 a pint in that pub! Worked out considerably cheaper to stick to the Stella, so I did. It’s going to make my one day a week drink fest pretty tricky now that the week starts on Tuesday.

3 thoughts on “Sozzled after Stella

  1. Emma

    Haha – your blog always makes me laugh! Sadly I never actually got off my backside and did my own running blog in the end, but at least yours inspires me to keep running (and drinking)…

  2. Speed Racer

    I thought you’d divorced Stella until your race? Can’t blame you, though. I love how you cut your workout short to go to the pub. You win. I’m so jealous!

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