New Shoe MoJo

I cut last weeks long run short to attend pressing matters at the allotment so this week I thought I’d reverse my priorities – head to the plot first and then leave the afternoon free for running. After a few hours of digging in the wind I couldn’t decide if I was more in need of back stretching run or a luxurious hot muscle soak waiting at home.

Asics Gel Kayano 14

A mere 2k into the run and the muscle soak proposition was a clear winner, I was seriously considering a sharp left manoeuvre even though it might have been hard to try and pass off the short 5k loop as the weeks long run. Fortunately by 2.5k my spirits were soaring, I seemed to have discovered my new shoes. The run started to feel like a gentle jaunt across a sea of fluffy clouds and I was beginning to wonder if I could extend the run.

Don’t you just love new shoe days?

I’ve always run in Asics, I started with 2120’s but after a spate of problems with my ITB, a visit to the physio and a trip to the local specialty shoe shop to have my gait assessed, I moved up to the shockingly expensive Asics Kayano 13 model. I love everything about this shoe, except for the price, so when the Runnersworld Spring Shoe guide came out last week I poured over it in search of an equally comfy shoe at half the price of course it still nedded to be ideal for the overweight over-pronator. I found the ideal shoe but it wasn’t half the price, in fact I think it was a touch more expensive – Asics have brought a new Kayano model, the Asics Gel Kayano 14 and if possible it seems to be an improvement on my existing shoe.

So if I’m not prepared to settle for a cheaper shoe, I need to find a cheaper source for my fancy running shoes. I’ve just ordered from a new online retailer,, who were offering the Kayano 14’s at £88.99 with free delivery. Mine arrived the next day, so I’ll definitely be using them again.

Back to the run, I was springing along the track, realising that my mojo had returned. Full of the joys of running, I was back to sweating, puffing and grinning as the usual Richmond Park breeze did it’s best to flatten me.

Richmond Park

I was still smiling at 9k so when I noticed the offroad track that has tempted me for the last couple of months, I cut across the road and headed for the hills.

I love it when running feels like this – when pace seems irrelevant and the spirit of adventure grabs you, I wasn’t even worried to dirty my new shoes.

I think I’ll be saving these for the Wilmslow half so I can look forward to a morning of running on clouds.

Distance: 12.36 km
Time: 1:43:19

5 thoughts on “New Shoe MoJo

  1. Speed Racer

    I must be lost. “Full of the joys of running, I was back to sweating, puffing and grinning…” This CAN’T be the same warrior woman who takes the bus half way through her long runs! AND you made your run longer?! Go lady posing as Warrior Woman!!

  2. Suzan - SHS1

    Hear Hear Speed racer – she must be on something other than sports beans or they have added a new dimension to the archers podcast!

    Where can us mere panting mortals pick up some of this new mojo!

  3. Bob Almighty

    Thank you for the donation to the War on ALS, ( I know you were one of the first to donate and it was much appreciated.) Also if you are looking for a cheaper site to order is American site with some descent prices ( also the exchange rate for Pounds to US dollars is highly in your favour.)

    But regardless I definately feel you on the joy of running in new shoes.

  4. Steve

    Asics Kayano’s are my shoe of choice now. I’m on either my 5th or 6th pair and they haven’t given me any trouble whatsoever. Previously, other runners would give me grief when breaking them in, not so with the Kayano’s.

    Here in Australia there priced at $260. I picked up a pair recently for $200, the model 13. Really need to find an online supplier.

  5. Roads

    “I love it when running feels like this – when pace seems irrelevant and the spirit of adventure grabs you, I wasn’t even worried to dirty my new shoes.”

    Wonderful stuff, Angela. It’s what running is all about. My 10 miles along the River Wey today was a real slog, from start to finish, but I had a 7 miler up on Epsom Downs one lunchtime earlier this week which was … sublime.

    Spring is coming, and I can hardly wait. We’ve earned it.

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