Brand New Running Commute

My social life has been unusually brisk over the last week or so and while it hasn’t entirely prevented me from running, it has interfered with my blogging. Not to fear though, it looks like I’m going to be starting yet another new job, way back out west again in the public transport no-go zone. This will act swiftly to curtail any mid-week social plans and force me to refocus on important stuff like running and writing about running.

It also means I can pull the bike back out of the shed and I get to throw some brand new running commutes into the mix.

EPCT to Shed

I had an interview at the new place today so I thought I’d trial a new route for the way home. It proved to be a great opportunity to squeeze in the long run I missed at the weekend.

This route bears some resemblance to my first running commutes (the ones where I was brave or foolhardy enough to run along the canal) but now I appear to have taken up residence in the shed, all running commutes have to end at the allotment rather than my flat. That nicely adds about 5k to any route – an absolutely essential addition to any half marathon plan.

The new shoes came out with me again, I know I suggested I was going to save them for the big day but I can’t resist the temptation, and they really do make the long runs so much more appealing.

New route: 14.23km
Time: 1:50:13

2 thoughts on “Brand New Running Commute

  1. Rach

    What happened to them shoes with the springs underneath? Good investment?

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